Appliances that promote wellness in your home.


Consumers are increasingly placing more value on health and wellness. And while it may be viewed as a trend, Fisher & Paykel believe wellness is a way of life.

Wellness encompasses the foods we eat, products we use and how we spend our time. It influences buying preferences too. We can choose products that support and promote wellness and that make laborious tasks easier, so that we can optimise our time for doing better things. In choosing products, wellness can extend to the technology and appliances we use to help make washing easier, cooking quicker, eating healthier and fresh produce last longer.

Fisher & Paykel aims to be the world’s most human-centred appliance company, taking the time to deeply understand people’s lives, the way they live and how they use appliances. The design team then translates these real-world insights into appliances with design and technological innovations, such as ActiveSmart™, Variable Temperature Zone and SmartDrive™, that help people live better, easier and more enjoyable lives.

Every time the fridge door is opened, the temperature of the environment changes, reducing the freshness and longevity of your produce and increasing energy use. Fisher & Paykel’s ActiveSmart™ technology improves refrigerator performance by continuously adjusting the flow of cold air into the fridge and freezer. A sensor monitors when and how often the door is opened so that the fridge intuitively adapts to the way you live and distributes cool air to maintain consistent and stable temperatures when needed. Ensuring the fridge and freezer constantly maintains optimum temperatures throughout helps keep food and drinks fresher for longer.222

Fisher & Paykel’s Integrated Columns, Quad Door Fridge Freezer and CoolDrawer™ Multi-temperature Drawer feature ActiveSmart™. They rapidly chill new items to a safe temperature, quickly freeze food to retain moisture and nutrients and intelligently select the best time to defrost. If you’re away on holiday, they recognise less use and defrost less often.

Variable Temperature Zone
With greater emphasis on buying fresh produce, there is growing demand for refrigerators to have specific food zones that are easily accessible. Fisher & Paykel’s Variable Temperature Zone (VTZ) technology provides a new level of cooling flexibility to suit how you shop, cook and entertain. Switching between food modes can be done at the press of a button or temperatures can be manually adjusted to give full control over the way food is stored and cared for. This helps reduce waste and keeps food fresher for longer, and a well-organised fridge can save time when rushing to pack lunchboxes or get dinner on the table.

Fisher & Paykel’s Quad Door Refrigeration with VTZ has four zones: two fridges, one freezer and one variable temperature zone that can be controlled and adjusted. Since different food and drinks stay fresher and last longer at different temperatures, the variable temperatures help keep salads crisp, drinks and seafood chilled, and lamb and steaks partially thawed for dinner. This zone can be used on a daily basis for extra fridge space or to defrost food for faster meal preparation, or as a bar fridge or chest freezer when entertaining. It eliminates the need for multiple refrigeration units and condenses all your family and entertaining food and drink storage into one premium product that truly becomes the heart of the home.

For the option of fridge, freezer, pantry or drinks cooler, the CoolDrawer™ Multi-temperature Drawer is a versatile appliance that can be installed where space best allows. Five temperature settings provide total flexibility at the touch of a button and can be customised to suit storage needs.

When life’s too short to be doing laundry, you want washing to be as efficient and effective as possible. Fisher & Paykel’s SmartDrive™ technology uses electronic feedback from the direct drive motor to intelligently adjust and optimise every wash cycle for complete fabric care and superior results.33

Designed for the modern home and lifestyle, Fisher & Paykel’s 10kg Front Loader Washer with SmartDrive™ has a greater drum capacity than a standard-size machine to easily handle larger loads of washing. It also has 13 specialist wash cycles offering greater convenience and confidence that your clothes are well cared for. The Handwash and Delicate cycles gently wash and lift stubborn stains from special-care fabrics such as linen and wool. The Allergy cycle washes in hotter water for asthma sufferers and those with skin sensitivities, and Easy Iron minimises creasing and wrinkling. For a stronger wash, the Heavy cycle cares for jeans and coats, which can damage other items.

Fisher & Paykel is committed to helping people live better and easier, with pioneering technologies that promote and support wellness and the active pursuit of a healthy way of life.