Armadillo welcomes new Classic Collection rugs

Humans have an inherent affinity for nature – yet in today’s busy, urban world this fundamental connection can feel all but lost, to the detriment of our well-being. Consciously filling the home with furnishings that pull the outside in lifts our energy levels from the moment we cross the threshold.
With the newest additions to the Classic Collection, Armadillo took inspiration from their frequent muse, nature. Colours, patterns and surfaces that echo sweeping landscapes are interwoven into compositions that promise longevity, not just in their timeless aesthetic but through their unparalleled quality.
This overflow of living elements into the interior of the home restores balance into our lives, setting the stage for us to nurture those rare moments of quietude.screenshot_2
ANDES harnesses the loose contours of roaming landscapes into an effortlessly lived-in pile. An asymmetric weave of sumptuous wool in easy neutral tones makes for a calming ritual underfoot. Integrating nature as an extension of the home, this inviting and introspective experience reconnects us to our best selves.
ACACIA has an elemental authenticity that emulates the expanse of aerial vistas. Hand-knotted from opulent wool and abrash-dyed jute, the rug’s dappled facade has an old-world charisma that recalibrates the senses. This handsome depth makes it a sublime backdrop for the day-to-day happenings within our inner sanctum.
WINNOW is timely in its timelessness, bringing a tangible sense of earth’s enduring presence into the home’s intimate and free-flowing spaces. A flat weave is cross hatched with lusciously flecked wool, resulting in a hardwearing staple that eschews excess. Anchoring the room with its intuitive tactility, this classic style soothes as much as it revitalises.
BRAMBLE is ingrained with an earthy palette lifted from the rich and sandy soil. A sophisticated soumak weave in textured jute draws this nourishing energy from the great outdoors into the domestic realm. Offering sustenance and security, the design’s refined sensibility is a fitting foundation to accompany life’s best experiences.
screenshot_1An interior environment devoid of nature goes against our human instincts. By recreating the organic hues, lines, shapes and forms from our surroundings indoors, we pave the way for a tranquil habitat that will ground us as it ages gracefully.