Ensure your timber flooring passes the test of time


Wanting to install timber flooring that passes appropriate quality control checks?  If you’re not sure about the details, then maybe the Australian Timber Flooring Association can help.

Words: Pia Sinha
Images: Supplied

Timber flooring looks gorgeous and will lend timeless elegance to your personal or commercial spaces, but what is often overlooked is quality assurance. Normally one tends to notice the flaws only after the flooring has already been laid out, and it then becomes an expensive affair to repair and rectify. If you opt to leave it as is in order to not deal with the hassle, you’re simply stuck with a damaged floor. Both options, are not ideal.

Damaged floor
Damaged floor

Based on the Australian Timber Flooring Association’s (ATFA) findings, timber flooring has for many years been sold in Australia without any regulatory control. This leads to product failure at one time or another, leading to stress and budget blow-outs for customers like you. The other issue is regarding safety. Sub-standard products will often contain high levels of dangerous toxins like formaldehyde that can cause health issues.

Damaged floor
Damaged floor

As customers, you’ll be happy to know that the ATFA offers a robust compliance program that assesses products, materials and equipment to ensure they comply with standards, industry requirements and consumer expectations.

ATFA approved

The program has been designed to complement the Federal Government Building Ministers Forum for non-complying building products. Producers and manufacturers will have to provide independent certifications or reports to prove compliance.

Your timber flooring is one of the most elegant additions you’ll make to your home’s interiors, and you’ll want to keep it that way for as long as possible. Take time to ensure before you make that purchase, that your flooring of choice has passed all ATFA quality assessments.

To find out more about ATFA and how they can help you, visit https://www.atfa.com.au/ today.