Best Office Decoration Solutions


The importance of a well-designed and decorated office is often neglected. However, if you have a stylish and comfortable workspace, you can expect better work satisfaction, a boost in productivity and improved trust with clients. So, here are a few useful tips for office decoration that will allow you to reap all the benefits with minimal investments.

Words: Amelia Atkins

Start with paint
Aiming for a professional yet warm space is one of the best office decoration solutions. Neutral colors such as pewter or beige have a very relaxing and calming vibe that leaves a good impression on workers and clients. If you want to introduce some bright color to the space, include it in smaller accents like art, lighting and even furniture. A splash of bold color (preferably your brand color) will add some interest and make your office come to life.

Aim for comfort
Comfort is one of the top trends in office design, especially in big urban centers like New York and Sydney, where people lead hectic and busy lives. You want your coworkers and clients to feel comfortable after stepping into your office, both physically and emotionally. The best way to achieve that important goal is to invest in quality furniture. Start by equipping your meeting spaces, where most important decisions are made. There are great boardroom tables in Sydney that fit all offices and provide high levels of comfort and practicality. Combine them with cozy chairs, plenty of light and some integrated tech for the ultimate modern space design. Implement the same furniture philosophy throughout your space and your office will be hard to match.3

Display your missions and goals
If you want to stay motivated and focused on your goals, don’t hesitate to keep your mission visible in your workspace. Invest in painted or framed materials with your company’s philosophy and display your brand and its colors across the space. Creating a success stories wall is also a great way to keep spirits high and impress clients.

Don’t neglect the lighting
Creating a light and bright space is the key to comfort and productivity. Good lighting can turn your office into a welcoming space that people will be happy to spend time in. So, make sure to invest in good window treatment that lets plenty of natural light inside. Dark areas will greatly benefit from general lighting, especially when combined with floor and desk lamps. However, stay away from harsh fluorescent lighting that doesn’t promote comfort and wellbeing.

Introduce some art
In order to add some personality and sophistication to your space, introduce a few pieces of art. Opt for larger-scale pieces that will create an illusion of spaciousness and airiness. However, stay away from corporate art. Generic pieces and stock art will make your workspace feel cheap, impersonal and sterile. It’s always better to invest in original works, no matter if you prefer photography, paintings or some other form of art.4

Green up the space with plants
In order to keep things fresh, add a few potted plants to your office space. Greenery not only adds a pop of color to the environment, but also lifts the spirits and provides the space with fresh oxygen. Additionally, it shows that you have a compassionate and eco-conscious company that cares for wellbeing and the environment.

You can decorate your office to fit all your design needs and aesthetic preferences without too much time and money. Keep these tips in mind, adjust them to your space and you’ll achieve amazing results.