Eclectic Papered Furniture by Bryonie Porter


London’s Bryonie Porter creates spectacular papered furniture in a variety of patterns that will capture anyone’s attention. These stunning pieces will certainly steal the stage and quickly become the centrepiece of any room.

Words: Madeleine Bryant

When it comes to timber furniture we don’t often think of patterns. Bryonie Porter dares us to think differently; bold leafy side tables, bright eclectic tall boys, inspirational paisley dressers and striking butterfly side tables, these are her creations.


Top quality second hand timber furniture is handpicked and finished with environmentally friendly lacquer making an environmentally aware statement. It is then professionally covered in one of Bryonies’ choice of wallpapers which span from beautiful classic designs to brightly coloured eclectic patterns and even a children’s range featuring owls, ships and airplanes that will have mothers hooked.


Commissioned pieces are encouraged so have a previous project re-made or provide your own furniture and wallpaper. Perhaps, use this fully customisable service to artfully update a cherished vintage piece, add uniqueness to a personal sentimental piece and tastefully bring a much loved antique into the modern era.


Prices start from £795 and commissions from around £1200.
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