Buster + Punch gets ‘STONED


London-based design powerhouse, Buster + Punch is known best for their bold and daring lighting designs and their recently launched LED table light dubbed ‘Stoned’, literally packs a punch and then some!

Words: Pia Sinha
Photography: Pinterest (Buster + Punch)

Stoned is the newest addition to the brand’s extraordinary product portfolio. It’s like the brand is almost obsessed with LED technology, a fact evident from their wide range of sophisticated bulb designs. The latest design ‘Stoned’ reminisces the past and yet is in every way, suggestive of lighting of the future.

‘Stoned’ borrows heavily from the warmth and familiarity of the light of a Victorian-era candle. With that, it combines what is Buster + Punch’s patented LED technology in a signature resin light pipe set inside a hand-blown glass shelf.

The result is a minimalistic modern-day table lamp whose light feels warm yet crisp. The design has been finished in polished white marble or honed black granite and is suspended from a single piece of solid stone.

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What is interesting to note is the brand’s commitment to the use of energy saving technology. ‘Stoned’ is exemplary; the efficiency of low-energy lighting is evident.  In that, the design is expected to use up to 1/50th of the energy of a traditional light bulb. From a home interiors point of view, it’s the perfect way to bring a slice of industrial luxe into the home and perhaps even transform one’s home office in a jiffy!


As for now, we can’t stop swooning over this extraordinary piece of lighting design. In the words of Owner and Creative Designer, Massimo Buster Minale, “Stoned is my remedy, a Victorian night-light for the 21st century.”