Celeste – two materials, one story


After recently launching CELESTE, it’s now time to present a new option of the side table by Christophe de Sousa, the first to be invited to design for DAM.

On the slopes of the Douro, terrace by terrace, CELESTE hurries to remove bunches of ripe grapes from the vines. She tries to rescue them before the unpredictable weather makes her lose the effort and investment of an entire year. This is CELESTE’s day-to-day life, a woman who grew up among olive trees and Douro vines. A way of life she embraced and in which she gets her support, and the pleasure of taking care of the land. celeste_2

Inspired by this character, the CELESTE side table was developed. It is composed of a cork tabletop that rests on a marble cylinder finished off with a half-sphere. The table represents a strong character that carries the grapes in the basket. Thus, in an apparent balance challenge, this side table pays tribute to the farmworkers, whose activity is often undervalued.celeste_8

The cork tabletop gives lightness and subtlety to the table. The Portuguese marble from Estremoz connects us to the land and its generosity in a geological poem.

Designed by: Christophe de Sousa.
Materials: Portuguese marble from Estremoz and natural agglomerated dark cork.
Size: W40 x D34 x H55 cm / W15.7 x D13.4 x H21.6 in.celeste_1_cork

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