How to choose the perfect artwork for your home


Struggling to find the missing link when decorating a space? If you’re new to the art scene, selecting the perfect piece to fill a space can be a daunting task. Overwhelmed with choices, there’s an art piece out there for every home, you just need to know how to find it. There are no strict rules when it comes to decorating a space, so why not get creative with your art pieces and seek inspiration from professional works, photography, posters or even homemade pieces.

Sydney Property Styling expert and Director of Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson says, “When sourcing a piece, you are faced with a series of questions. Where will the piece be hung? What size do you need the piece? How do you know if the chosen piece will suit the space? Get creative with your choices by injecting colour and experimenting with pairs of paintings.”

Justine Wilson shares her top tips on what to consider when it comes to purchasing a statement piece for your home.


  • When looking to brighten up areas like a hallway or foyer don’t be afraid to experiment with size. Consider larger pieces to create a maximum impact.
  • When decorating a space already containing key furniture pieces, like a sofa or a bed, create visual balance by hanging the piece half way between the piece of furniture and the ceiling.couch-decor-decoration-373578

Pair Paintings

  • To create a high-end look consider hanging painting in pairs. Experiment by hanging a range of unique pieces in in different frames.
  • Consistency in the frames is important however to avoid visual confusion. Try sticking to a consistent colour whilst keeping the fames themselves unique.
  • Grouping these pieces together will create a gallery fell to the space. Consider having a running theme throughout each piece. If you are working with photography consider using a constant effect over all images (black and white or sepia).architecture-cabinets-carpet-245208

Inject Colour

  • When furnishing a place with monochrome furniture use artwork to inject a little colour.
  • Used to brighten up a space, a pop of colour from a piece of art can tie in with cushions or other accessories pulling together the loose ends of your space.abstract-abstract-painting-acrylic-1070536