Compac and Arik Levy to exhibit “floating” quartz sculpture at London Design Festival


Master designer and skilled artist Arik Levy, has teamed up with Spain’s largest scale producer of ‘technological’ quartz and marble products for the interior, COMPAC. The collaboration will be presenting a ‘floating’ quartz sculpture at Somerset House during the London Design Festival in September.

Words: Madeleine Bryant
Photography: Supplied rendering of Mineral Gravity by Arik Levy for COMPAC


Arik Levy has a history of creating wonderfully modern and geometric rock sculptures. This time, he has partnered with producer of luxury surfaces, COMPAC, to create Mineral Gravity, a stunning sculptural kitchen island bench. The sculpture retains Arik’s signature geometric elements and combines this with a natural rock formation appearance.


The bench features striking white focus points perfectly situated throughout the exterior that instantly draw your eye. It is fitted with a stovetop and sink and has a unique and stylish outer space feel. It has been created with one of COMPAC’S signature products; quartz reinforced with resin for a smooth and durable finish.


The room surrounding the installation at Somerset House will be minimal, designed to draw focus to the kitchen bench, which will seem as if it were a giant black iceberg. The room will feature vertical quartz and marble slabs designed to highlight the high ceilings of the house.

We look forward to seeing it at the London Design Festival this year!