Key Elements of a Truly Contemporary Bathroom


There is more than one way to design the bathroom of your dreams, and while the end product will reflect your unique preferences and personality, there are some unmistakeable features and design solutions that a modern bathroom simply cannot do without. Don’t worry, no grand renovations are needed, just prudent planning and strategizing.

Words: Lillian Connors

The best thing about a modern bathroom design is that it aims to bring pure functionality and timeless aesthetic charm together in order to create a space that serves many a purpose, while radiating peace, positivity, and serenity. With that in mind, here are the key elements of a truly contemporary bathroom.

It all begins with a neutral foundation
It’s always a good idea to accessorize and accentuate the space with vibrant colours here and there in order to frame the room and give it a unique vibe. However, when it comes to setting a modern foundation, neutral hues are your best friend. Instead of thinking in bright pastels of even beach hues such as sunny yellow or aqua blue, let the foundation speak white, black, or something similarly neutral.

image1Pure white or black foundations work best, as they give you the freedom to decorate to your liking. There are, of course, different shades that come naturally with certain stone and tile types, but these are as colourful as you want to go. Later on, you will be able to accentuate the setting with vibrant greenery and natural, earthy materials.

Introducing natural elements throughout
Speaking of natural elements, they play a vital role in helping you create that perfect symbiosis between modern sleek and timeless traditional. In the modern, hectic world, not enough emphasis is put on re-establishing that long-lost connection between humans and nature, which is why some of the most sought-after decor solutions, such as the Danish interior design approach, work on meticulously positioning natural elements to create a modern bathroom oasis.image3

Given the fact that sealants are now more effective than ever, you can protect natural elements and more fragile materials from humidity, allowing you to invest in wooden and stone amenities and accents. Wooden countertops and full-bodied cabinets are becoming the norm for modern bathrooms, as they work wonderfully with sleek amenities that double as beautiful focal points.

Sleek shapes and striking focal points
Modern bathroom design thrives on geometric shapes, minimalist designs, and sleek-looking surfaces. Sharp angles reign supreme, and they can be further emphasised with sloping amenities, such as a sleek contemporary bathroom vanity complemented by a sloping free standing bathtub. Sometimes, the sharpness of certain elements can be softened with smooth angles as well.image4

While you can’t go wrong with creating harmony between identical shapes, you can also disrupt the look by opting for completely different contours. It’s not unheard of to position a round bathtub in the middle of the bathroom, while the other amenities are sharp and rectangular, in order to emphasise this key focal point. Either way, the design will truly portray a contemporary setting.

Opting for modern accessories that break the norm
The beauty of a modern bathroom design is that it allows you to experiment and introduce a unique solution that will imbue the room with flare and timeless charm. From simple changes such as installing a fully transparent shower stall without a door, boasting a stone finish, to adding the aforementioned free standing bath for a touch of luxury and a spa-like vibe – the possibilities are endless.bath-bathroom-bathtub-534116

Following this sleek, seamless mindset, you want to keep plumbing out of sight, preferably built into the walls, with fixtures, hardware and towel hangers as simplistic as possible. Instead of opting for traditional, shiny metal finishes, choose matte in complementary hues such as charcoal or white in order to further support that seamless look throughout.

Creating an accentuating lighting scheme
Finally, a contemporary bathroom cannot be complete without a beautiful lighting scheme in place. Your first priority in this regard should be to ensure that plenty of natural light permeates the oasis throughout the day, secluding the setting with beautiful full-length curtains with interesting patterns.screenshot_5

But when night time comes and artificial light is needed, you want to structure it in such a way that it provides complete illumination, but also accentuates your positive features in the mirror, as well as those of the entire room. Consider cone lighting on the walls, ample overhead lighting, as well as full side and top lighting for the vanity.

Bathrooms come in various shapes and sizes, and they can be decorated in a myriad of ways to portray individual preferences. However, when designing a truly modern bathroom that emphasises functionality and aesthetics, there are certain features you shouldn’t avoid. With these tips in mind, go ahead and build yourself a bathroom the entire family will adore.