Contemporary Family Kitchen: Design Considerations


The kitchen is a special place in every modern household, a place where families can get together in the morning before heading out, and a place where they can recount their days over supper in the evening. The kitchen is a place of fun, of laughter and the occasional tear, the focal point of the household.

At least it should serve this purpose rather than just being the place where mom cooks dinner and dad breaks the dishes. If you want to introduce that homey vibe in your kitchen and create lifelong memories with your loved ones, there are a few key design steps you should take.

Words: Lillian Connors

A layout that works for you
Building the perfect layout for your kitchen according to your current needs and long-term plans is definitely not an easy task. Should you put in a grand island or should you simply extend a countertop peninsula to serve as the dining area? These and many more design questions will depend on the amount of free space you have to work with. The most important thing to keep in mind, though, is that the layout should allow maximum flexibility and manoeuvrability, no matter how big your family is. 1

Create a functional and aesthetic focal point
Every room in the household deserves to have a beautiful focal point, and the kitchen is no different. Usually, this will be a grand island that can serve many a functional purpose while elevating the aesthetic appeal of the entire room. Not only can it serve as the main food-prepping station, but it can also serve as a modern dining area and a feature that will inspire all of your family members to huddle together in a single spot, allowing you to communicate and bond.

Preserve a decluttered space
In the modern kitchen, there can be no room for physical clutter, only health and happiness. Every gadget, utensil, and amenity needs to have its place in the layout, and one of the best ways to preserve a clutter-free space is to keep everything neatly tucked away in cabinetry and under the sink. However, some features of a healthy kitchen are easier to hide than others.

For instance, increasing the quality of potable water in your home is imperative for the health and well-being of your family members, which is why installing contemporary undersink water filters is a popular solution in modern households. It’s a neat way to ensure top water quality without cluttering the counter space. Follow the same mindset, and aim to preserve a clean-looking space for aesthetics and pure functionality.

Add a unique flair to the room
There are numerous design themes you can choose from, and although most kitchens enjoy a bright, sunny-hued look, that doesn’t mean that your kitchen cannot take a whole different approach. You can choose between the famed Danish kitchen and the industrial design boasting a statement charcoal wall, or even go for a completely colourful look with unique patterns on the walls and complementary decor boasting vibrant hues.

Invest in smart storage
Whatever you do, there never seems to be enough storage space in a family kitchen. You want to prepare for this problem early on in the planning stages, and always add an extra 10% of room on top of the estimated storage requirements. You can also save precious space by introducing some DIY storage solutions such as cabinet organisers, pegboards, wall-mounted pan holders, and putting hooks or pockets on the back of cabinet doors.

Choose easy-to-clean surfaces
A family kitchen is a place of perpetual messiness, and no matter how much you’d like to believe otherwise, it’s going to require thorough cleaning on a daily basis. To take some of the pressure off the entire ordeal, choose surfaces that are easy to clean and that are less likely to show fingerprints and smudges.2

Designing a kitchen for the modern family is an art form as much as it is a technical problem requiring the skill and expertise of experienced contractors. If you want your kitchen to become more than just a place where you’ll cook for the family, be sure to follow these steps and build yourself a welcoming oasis every family member will adore.