The LUNGOLINEA crystal ping pong table Gold Edition is now available!


Lungolinea is a vision, a desire to ambitiously reinterpret the classics. It demonstrates the sophistication and ingenuity of Italian design and craftsmanship in the game of Ping Pong.

It is a refined object, a sublime witness of the most advanced Made in Italy technology that poses no limits to the game. The idea of playing on a transparent game table seems unimaginable, but thanks to a series of spectacular inventions it is now possible for even the most competitive professional players to enjoy a game of ping-pong on a table made of crystal glass.

Starting from today the ultra-premium edition of this veritable jewels is available. In this new release the joints and part of the net kit which are usually made of polished metal are 24k gold or brushed gold plated. The real luxury has no limits!

Tapping into the most virtuous Italian traditions in the field of artisanal production and technological inno- vation, IMPATIA gives life to unexplored reinterpretations, designs objects with extraordinary accuracy, elegance and aesthetic harmony.

Each product is a design experience to be savored, a tune to discover, unique and unrepeatable. Between the essential lines and the luminosity of the crystal emerges the strong identity of luxury objects, synthesis of technological sophistication and attention is paid to all details, which is also reflected in the identity of those who choose to enjoy them.

A centuries-old tradition of unmatched stylistic refinement and innovative spirit renders Made in Italy a collection of unparalleled knowledge and unrivaled skills in shaping materials by infusing art in every creation. IMPATIA collects this tradition and in its entire Italian design and workmanship, opens the door to wonderful fulfillment.