Inspired by aged and oxidized metals, stones and cement, Dekton® industrial collection offers surfaces with a rich and expressive urban aesthetic


Inspired by aged and oxidized metals, stones and cement, Dekton® Industrial Collection offers surfaces with a rich and expressive urban aesthetic.

Cosentino has introduced three new colours to the Dekton® Industrial Collection to accompany the award-winning Trilium launched in 2016 to worldwide acclaim. The revolutionary surfaces evoke the look of aged metals with rich, complex and beautiful imperfections developed from oxidisation.screenshot_12

Cosentino collaborated with Argentinian architect and designer Daniel Germani, creative director and founder of Daniel Germani Designs to develop the new colours. Germani first partnered with Cosentino in 2015 to explore the use of Dekton® in custom furniture production. The result of the latest collaboration is three new coloured surfaces: Radium, Nilium and Orix.screenshot_10

“The Dekton® Industrial Collection was created to contemplate the beauty of metals and cement at every stage of their life. It pays homage to the beautiful imperfections of the oxidation and degradation processes undergone by certain materials,” says Germani.

Dekton’s® newest colours Radium and Nilium capture the visual texture and colour variation of rusted metals. Radium is a dark surface that evokes acid-degraded steel plate with warm earth tones and cool blue and green tints. Nilium is inspired by metal at the beginning of the oxidisation process. The light, minimalist surface is a subtle blend of silver and white with a delicate warm appearance.screenshot_9

Reminiscent of oxidised stainless steel, Dekton’s® other new addition Trilium is a mix of volcanic shades of deep grey, black and rusty tones. Whilst Dekton’s® Orix suggests aged cement with an eroded, fragmented appearance and tones of steely grey, blue and green.

Cosentino is committed to using advanced and sustainable manufacturing process and both Dekton’s® Trilium and Radium are made with up to 80 per cent of their content recycled from excess materials, such as off cuts and discontinued stock.screenshot_11

Dekton® is a sophisticated blend of the raw materials used to produce an extremely non-porous and multifunctional surface. Dekton® is resistant to scratches, stains, UV rays, fire and heat. Its ultra-durable performance makes it an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications, including kitchen and bathroom benchtops, splashbacks, flooring and cladding. Its large-format sizes also allow for continuous surfaces without cuts or joints, creating seamless spaces.