Unveiling the shortlist for the Design Files + Laminex Design Awards 2020


Entries for The Design Files + Laminex Design Awards 2020 closed on Friday, May 15th.

500 entries were received, across 10 varied categories. After weeks of deliberation in consultation with 25 esteemed judges, the finalists have today been announced.

‘We set out to create an awards program that celebrates the great variety of design,
architecture and creative projects we champion on The Design Files, from small scale,
handcrafted practices, to complex, collaborative projects,’ said Lucy Feagins, founder and editor of The Design Files. ‘This year, particularly given the challenges so many creative businesses are facing across Australia, it was especially encouraging to see such a strong number of entries. It’s a testament to the resilience and enduring excellence of the creative industries.’

Despite the great breadth of projects represented in this program, a few key themes
have emerged amongst the finalists. ‘Across the board, projects prioritising sustainability and positive environmental outcomes have really stood out’ says Lucy Feagins.

‘From sunglasses created out of recycled ocean waste, to plant-based 100% biodegradable home cleaning products, to a terrazzo furniture business diverting tons of concrete from building sites – we’re seeing amazing Australian innovation, working towards a brighter future’.

Another highlight in this year’s program is the representation of First Nations creatives. ‘We’ve been thrilled to see strong representation of First Nations makers and creatives across the program – First Nations creatives are well represented in the Handcrafted, Textile Design, Furniture Design and Collaboration Categories, and these projects have really impressed our judges ’ says Lucy Feagins.

View the entire list of finalists here.