Designer Russian Apartment inspired by Boca do Lobo’s timeless furniture


Interior designer Ekaterina Lashmanova, has put her interior design skills to use in a posh Russian apartment. The project was inspired by Portuguese furniture design company, Boca do Lobo.

Words: Madeleine Bryant
Photography: Supplied


Ekaterina Lashmanova, who lives and works in Moscow, has designed the apartment to suit a young family. In this project, she was given free reign to create whatever she desired.


The apartment features many pieces from Boca do Lobo due to the designer’s enthusiasm for hand crafted and custom made pieces which give a rich glamour and distinctive feel throughout the house.


Interesting combinations of furniture, colours and textures prove Ekaterina Lashmanova is an expert designer and master of composition.


Classic colour blends such as pink and green feature in the bathroom. Shiny pink finishes, long lines and a green velvet pouf all meld perfectly together to feel like pure luxury whilst a tall mirror accentuates the high ceilings and creates a feeling of space.


The same pattern tiles feature throughout the house and are accompanied by many different furnishings, but Ekaterina makes them appear easy to work with by using furnishings that compliment and highlight the dark blues, beiges and whites in the tiles.


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