Explore A Richer Dining Experience With Great Dane


The conventional dining space is continuously evolving. While this used to be a separate room with a more formal mood, the growing popularity of open plan living has led to dining spaces becoming an integrated part of the kitchen or the living area, or both.

The modern day dining space wears many hats, performing several functions throughout the day. It’s an inviting, cosy space for family meals, ideal for entertaining guests, comfortable for kids doing their homework and it now also functions as a home office for those working remotely.

The ideal dining space design takes into account these various functions and delivers a result that is well suited for dining, entertaining and more. Looking to renovate the dining space to ensure it can multitask like your household does? Here are a few tips to make the most out of this space:

Choosing the right table for the dining area: The size and shape of the dining table is informed by the space it will inhabit and the number of diners, and is an investment piece that will be used regularly for years to come.

A rectangular table is a classic shape and the perfect option if it can fit in the space without feeling too cramped. Round or oval dining tables are more suitable for tighter spaces with integrated dining areas, cutting off the corners without compromising on the surface area.

The Johansen dining table at Great Dane is a piece that celebrates elegance and simplicity. Available in an array of shapes and sizes to suit any room, the table is made to order according to a customer’s size requirements.

Deciding between dining chairs: While comfort is a key consideration, the choice of dining chairs also depends on the aesthetic of the space. Dining chairs without arms offer a sleeker silhouette than their armed counterparts, and take up less space. Dining chairs with arms are easier to relax and lounge in, making them a suitable choice for those who prefer to take time with their meals.

Miyazaki’s DC09 chairs are a resolved design that blend comfort with elegance. An expression of superior craftsmanship, its ergonomic quality and organic lines adds to its visual and physical appeal. The sophisticated form is a versatile option that suits any setting. The Moller 77 chairs are a comfortable armless design, with a seat that is woven by hand from one continuous 425-foot-long piece of cord. Made of tightly twisted paper, the woven material is pleasant to sit on, with a natural texture that only gets better with age.

Lighting fixtures as an element of interest: Dining spaces typically have ample natural light during the day, but pendants and lamps ensure the space is beautifully illuminated after dusk. The options are endless when it comes to lighting fixtures, ranging from classic chandeliers to contemporary pendants.

Pendants also add an element of interest in refined dining spaces along with defining the area. The Verpan Fun pendant is a classic design inspired by nature. The reflective discs cascade from a metal frame, making a striking impression while also illuminating the space. The Bouquet Pendant by Le Klint is a simpler form, evoking a soft expression of flower petals unfolding in springtime. The pendants suspend from a braided linen cord that has been plaited by hand to enhance the organic design language.

Add finishing touches with curated accessories: Accessories in a dining space function as elements of interest and are great conversation starters when entertaining guests. Homewares on a dining table should be sleek in form to ensure conversation can flow freely. Dining areas with space constraints benefit from beautiful carafes and glassware that also perform a function. Vases with fresh flowers never fail to brighten the space.

Placing a rug under the dining table and chairs helps define the space, especially in open plan homes. The addition of a rug ensures the space feels distinct without being overwhelming.

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