DOMO expands Pulpo’s range of handcrafted artisan lighting, furniture and accessories


DOMO has been an industry leader of premium furniture retailing to consumers and designers for nearly four decades, importing only the highest-quality, coveted furniture and lighting by world-esteemed brands – que Pulpo. DOMO has recently expanded its stunning Pulpo range, to include not just their lighting, but a larger selection of customisable artisan lighting, furniture and accessories.

Ursula and Patrick L’hoste founded Pulpo in 2006, creating a range of products that expressed their passion for the beautiful, and their courage to experiment. Over the years, Pulpo has collaborated with a small select group of designers, who share a love of materials and highly functional products, including Sebastian Herkner, Davide Monopoli, Ferrérol Babin and duo Visser & Meijwaard.

The artisanal nature and handmade characteristics of the lighting, accessories and furniture set Pulpo apart, as does the ability to custom order. With DOMO now stocking an even further curated selection of Pulpo’s best-selling pieces, for which the colour, size and combination of shades can be customised to suit an interior style and setting. This is a rare luxury and makes Pulpo the unique brand that it is, it enables each customer to experience a tailored design journey, where both the consumer and designer are able to create a unique and timeless piece, curated perfectly to their individual tastes.

Stand out pieces from the collection include the Stellar Grape Lamp, Boule Light, Cactus Lamp, Mila side table, Lyn Cabinet and the Bent Light and Side Table;

Stellar Grape Lamp: Renowned designer Sebastian Herkner continues to delight with his Stellar Grape lamp; Herkner bundles numerous stellars to form a bunch in order to orchestrate lighting to a close encounter of real lighting innovation. The grape-like suspension light shines in colour variations of one’s own choice: aubergine, smoky grey or transparent.

Boule Light: The boule is a pure homage to the traditional French Pétanque game, a version of boule. The object toys with luminance by stacking different versions of plain and coloured hand-blown glass, set on a base of hand-made ceramics with a satin glaze in various heights and colours.

Cactus Lamp: The symmetry of cactuses growing in Mexico is Mickaël Koska inspiration to design the Cactus Lamp as an illuminating sculpture. The cylindrical Pyrex glass shades, handcrafted in France come in various colours and sizes, and can be grouped together in different combinations of three and five.

The Mila Side Table series: Created in three heights from one source, in two different shapes always based on the motto “the round must go into the square” – side table series mila of massive ceramics form a slender foot, rounded up by a broad, smooth storage surface.

Lyn Cabinet: Studio Visser & Meijwaard describe their conception of lyn as a “graphic interplay between glass and the metal frameworks”. The doorless and diverse series of cabinets and high boards are equivalent to the designers’ ambition to rethink established forms, like they did in their past as fashion designers. The reduction to the absolute essential form opens a free interplay of material and colour. Depending on the lighting conditions, the viewer’s perspective and arrangement it casts the utmost of diverse highlights.

Bent Light: Resembling a lampshade but with a room-filling presence, bent is characterised by its curved section of glass (single or double). The regular grooved, but random glass surface was created by casting fluid glass mass into a special mould. So every single hand-made piece has its own character.

Bent Side Table: The bubbled surface of the cast glass tabletop dances against with the smooth lines of the fluted cast glass base. The bent side table expresses the beauty of glass in all its forms. With a striking simplicity, this interior companion has the ability to blend in or the centre of attention.

DOMO is committed to helping people live beautifully, with handcrafted, artisan products. Pulpo’s range of lighting, furniture and accessories are on display in DOMO showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia and are viewable online at

DOMO showrooms across Victoria are closed due to stage 4 restrictions and are operating via online and phone services only from 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday. Contactless delivery and collection are still available from the Sandringham Warehouse.