Film and Furniture website relaunches


This article has been republished with the permission of Furniture Today USA.

Words: Powell Slaughter

Film and Furniture, an online resource to buy the furniture and décor seen in the movies and read behind-the-scenes features has relaunched with a new, curated marketplace.

Visitors to the site,, can find, for example, seating from Christian Grey’s luxury apartment in the “Fifty Shades” series or the table from Bruce Wayne’s lakeside house in “Batman vs. Superman.”

barcelona-day-bed-new-store-size-600435Items such as the tumbler used by Don Draper in “Mad Men” or Deckard’s glass from “Blade Runner” are available as well.

Film and Furniture began as a blog, and the new website launches with a series of stronger brand partnerships so readers can buy the products featured with the click of a mouse in a carefully curated marketplace.

coltrane-lights-new-store-size-600435scarlett-johansson-by-lights-light-chandelier-in-ghost-in-the-shell-e1508327178480-768x462The highly visual site not only looks smarter and slicker, it has a much-improved user experience. Search by film title will present items available to buy within that film. For those wishing to delve deeper into the stories around those items, relevant in-depth features published on that film are presented right below. Click on particular film directors, and the site will reconfigure to gather all the films and products relating to them.

Film and Furniture answers the age-old question: Where can I get one like that?

A defining feature of Film and Furniture are readable and well-researched features, which include contributions from some of Hollywood’s finest production designers and film set decorators, which tell the story behind the decor.

tron-barcelona-chairpsd-600x337The features, interviews and guest articles provide design knowledge and provenance for interior design or home décor projects. This includes details about the designers of the piece, why it was chosen for the film set and what these objects say about the characters. The new marketplace then shows exactly where to buy these pieces.