Fully Upgrading, Furniture China Expo 2018


 The 24th China International Furniture Expo (Furniture China 2018) and Maison Shanghai 2018 will be held from the 11th -14th September, 2018 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) and Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center (SWEECC). The two large furniture shows will gather furniture manufacturers from across the globe.

Design Hall: E5-E7 original designs
Design Hall of Hall E6 and E7 always attracts buyers, suppliers, and designers from across the globe, which indicates the recognition by the domestics and the market for its determination and strategy to promote design originality.

In the year of 2018, to further push forward the development of original design, Hall E5 will be readjusted by introducing enterprises with original designs and new brands. That is to say, at Furniture China 2018, a new pattern of three design halls of E5, E6 and E7 will present more design brands, including 129 participating enterprises, 28 of which are new. These include: Stellar Works, MC’s Dr. Patrick Leung Design series, Hothing, Maxmarko, Lacasa and other popular furniture brands.lee_0160

International Brands: 24 countries and 14 new brands
This year, the furniture brands from 24 countries will make a stage pose at the show. There will also be six country pavilions from Italy (Veneto region), France, Belgium, Turkey, South Korea and Malaysia, among which Turkey pavilion will bring up a colorful range of products. 14 new international brands will join the show, including German QUADRATO, Norwegian NORDIC, DECOART Dubai, with the range of products extending to Middle East and South America.

Furniture China 2018 will demonstrate not only middle to high-end whole house modern design solution, to expose the visitors to the up-to-date furniture fashion and popular lifestyle, but will become the platform of choice for overseas brands to seek for cooperation and development in China.226

FMC&FMP: High-end manufacturing and upstream and downstream industrial chains
Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China 2018 (FMC 2018) will be held at SNIEC, co-located with Furniture China 2018. FMC 2018 is designed to create a professional trading platform for the industry by bringing together domestic and overseas furniture manufacturers to the show, achieving seamless connection within the upstream-downstream industries.

Exhibition groups and exhibitors from over 60 countries will attend FMC and FMP. It is noteworthy that Swedish Wood will participate in FMP again to launch their new-styled furniture together with the designers. Meanwhile, there are new brands such as WAYON STONE of marble table-board and FORESCO CO., LTD of furniture color. This year, enterprises engaging in lift tables will be selected particularly for the purpose of push forward the industrial standard of linear actuator.

In addition, the organizer will especially establish a section for semi-finished products of high-end furniture to further enrich the complete furniture industrial chain. It will be organized to provide superior equipment and materials for furniture manufacturing, decoration and engineering application.lee_7938

Release: Fully upgraded “Color of Furniture” themed event
In 2018, they will introduce the concept of “Decoding of Colors”, interpreting the application of color in furniture industry and its future direction through three sections.

One exhibition (E8B-D60): eight color scene rooms aim to immerse the audience in a scene of color; one forum: speeches or presentations from scholars and pioneers of the furniture industry to integrating color languages with furniture design, building furniture conception based on color emotion, and promoting design quality; and one report: observation, analysis and study on changes of modern color and life style collaboration with the world’s authoritative color institutions to construct a world language for Chinese furniture industry.e6c32-p1

Maison Shanghai: Live events on stage
The concurrent show – Maison Shanghai 2018 will be held in SWEECC, Pudong of Shanghai. Audiences will notice an exciting improvement of the overall quality of participating brands and products, such as well-known brands of Meissen and DXRacer.

Moreover, live events at Maison Shanghai will make sound. This year’s “Design of Designers” event will stay eye-catching: the newcomer MOREOVER, the popular Ziinlife and Ziihome, etc. In addition to the classic events such as “Maison Business School” and “Home Plus”, it is officially announced that the “Handmade in Germany” itinerant exhibition will be held in Hall H1, presenting classic and creative designs of modern Germany, as well as the contained craftsmanship, high quality and sustainability.environment