GHYCZY Launch 2018 Collection


Dutch design studio GHYCZY launch their 2018 collection today, which includes new bespoke design objects staying true to the GHYCZY aesthetic and crafted in solid, natural materials.

GHYCZY [gitsi] is a family heirloom, founded in 1971 by acclaimed architect and designer Peter Ghyczy whose prolific career has pioneered techniques of furniture making that have influenced the design industry for 45 years. His son Felix Ghyczy joined the practice in 2001 and today the father and son duo continue to build on the GHYCZY heritage from their family atelier nestled in the flatlands of Swalmen, the Netherlands.

Over four decades, the GHYCZY catalogue of work has grown organically from Peter Ghyczy’s strong ethos of slow design and his trademarked casting and clamping techniques of solid material; innovations that have not only paved the way for new modernist design expressions but also allowed for minimum use of material. Inspired from Peter Ghyczy’s travels and migration through central Europe, the distinct GHYCZY aesthetic combines Bauhaus minimalism with exotic Art Deco patterns and intricate details from Egyptian antiquity.

From the classic T09 table launched in 1971, the timeless collection now encompasses table series, seating, shelving, cabinets and lighting; all made to order and hand-crafted in material with high quality patinas and finishes that increase their appeal over time. Each piece derives its elegant character from nature’s imperfections; from cracks and knots in wood to irregularities in stone and pores in metal from sand-casting, these elements are GHYCZY trademarks.

Standing the test of time, the treasured GHYCZY product can be found at international museums, Christie’s auctions or sitting in some of the world’s leading hotels from Ace Hotel Downtown LA to the Ritz Carlton, Geneva.

Available internationally through a select retail network and online, the news presented in GHYCZY’s 2018 collection are all designed by legendary designer Peter Ghyczy. Staying true to his philosophy of slow design that are both timeless and sustainable, the 2018 launches includes 16 new designs that all take their orientation from their purpose.

Rich in its breath and colour scheme, the 2018 collection explores the tactility of new materials such as onyx and brass aged. From the curvaceous Urban T88 coffee table to the elegant GP05 armchair with its plush upholstery, the GHYCZY 2018 collection promises to delight and allure.

Peter Ghyczy, Founder and Head Designer, comments: “With the 2018 collection my aim is to present new designs that complement our existing ranges, but using exiting new materials such as onyx and play on the tactility of the GHYCZY aesthetic. As always my designs take their orientation from their purpose. They’re based on technical solutions that I apply in a new way. Again and again, technology plays the central role in determining their form—that is, it’s the force of reason that pervades the design.”


Duet GBO3: The Duet GBO3 bench is a light weight upholstered bench, constructed over a slender metal frame. Customisable in size, the product can be used as both a footrest and bed-end.

2Duet T73: The Duet T73 desk is a collector’s edition desk designed with two stainless steel drawers and a sleek polished front.

3Embassy T81 & T83: The new Embassy T81 and T83 coffee tables were created to tell a story between history and modernity. The joints of the series are an evolution of a design by Peter Ghyczy, dating back to the early 1970’s, using solid wood and cast metal to connect parts.

4Pioneer RP03+: The Pioneer RP03+ shelving is constructed using a framed wooden panel, combined with aluminium brackets to support glass shelves at a desired height.

5Pivot T82: The Pivot T82 coffee table combines a stainless steel frame with a stainless steel mirror polished top to create a reflective surface of polished stainless steel.

6Pivot T82: The Pivot 82 side table also includes an alternative piece in collaboration with Amsterdam based Collective Studio to create an onyx top.

7Pivot T90: Table top in natural dried solid 3 cm oak wood planks, width about 45 cm, oil finish. The top rests on two trestles made of square metal frames crossed diagonally by a wooden construction. Creating a less ridged design.

8Pivot T3456: Elegant dining table featuring table top in onyx, designed in collaboration with Amsterdam based Collective Studio.

9Safari GP05: The Safari GP05 is a lightweight signature piece by Peter Ghyczy. Constructed wooden rods and metal tubing are joined, with adjustable cushions for comfort.

10 Safari T87: The Safari T87 was created as an archetypical writing desk and an evolution of the T07. Dominated by wood, the glass top rests on two trestles, which is foldable for ease and storage.

11Urban GP01: The Urban GP01 sofa is a lightweight architectural construction, produced with a metal frame and complimentary soft cushions. Available in new colourway fabrics.


Urban GP03: The Urban GP03 lounge chair is constructed minimally, using two curved intersecting frames to support the upholstery. It has been launched in new colourways fabrics which include H/27, H/31, H/14 and H/15.

13Urban S02+: The Urban S02+ armchair is a lightweight design made from a stainless steel tube and a flexible backrest which pivots for comfort.

14Urban T88: The Urban T88 coffee table completes the new product range, constructed with three wooden beams which connected in the intersection with a cast metal part.

15Urban S06+: This dining chair comes with an armrest. It will give you the comfort to enjoy long nights leading to new memorable stories.

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