Are we about to say goodbye to the traditional dining room?


The nature of a traditional dining experience has evolved greatly over the last few decades…

Sydney Property Styling expert and Director of Vault Interiors, Justine Wilson claims the answer is yes. Justine says,  “Nights of sitting down for a meal around your dining table are no longer the norm. More and more we are experiencing clients requesting a casual and relaxed feel to their dining areas which is resulting in a decrease in the amount of separate living and dining rooms.”

Justine shares her tips on how to best utilise your dining space in 2019.

  1. When opting for an open plan dining experience rather than a separate dining room, it is important that you create a seamless open plan environment.victor-rodriguez-738808-unsplash
  2. Use smaller furniture pieces such as a round glass table with dining chairs to create the illusion of more space.thomas-hafeneth-251850-unsplash
  3. Layer up colours to set the tone of the room. Using a cool colour scheme to match the edgings of your kitchen will suggest cohesion between your kitchen, living and dining areas.chastity-cortijo-1119625-unsplash
  4. Invest in a kitchen island. They are great for a casual place to share a meal or interact with the person preparing food. These are extremely popular in urban townhouses and smaller apartments.naomi-hebert-188443-unsplash
  5. If you’re working with a separate dining room try incorporating a large bookshelf or bench seat/comfortable chair near the window to add a sitting area to the space.grant-707825-unsplash