Great Dane Presents New Nuura and String, Now Available In Store

Purveyor of the finest Scandinavian furniture, accessories and lighting, Great Dane celebrates craftsmanship and superior quality. Its unbridled passion for timeless creations ensures that design enthusiasts can access the finest classic and contemporary Scandinavian pieces.

September marks the arrival of new products from brands including String and Nuura. Standout pieces from the collection that are now available in store include String System and String Pocket in a range of refined finishes such as walnut, oak, beige and white. The new arrivals also include Nuura pendants, floor lamps and more, designed by Sofie Refer.

String System: Multi award-winning designs that continue to grow in strength, String System is a lightweight and flexible shelving product. Available in oak, walnut, beige and white, String System is easy to transport and assemble.

A fully customisable design, String is constructed of panels and shelves that are easy to mount and move, creating various combinations, depths, and frame functions as a unit. Customers can change a colour, add a shelf, vary a look, or combine all elements to get the perfect String look for any space. Its modular nature ensures it can grow and change over time to suit the needs of the household, making it a clever, lifelong investment.

String Pocket: Lightweight yet sturdy, String Pocket is smaller in depth and size than String system. It functions as a small shelving system or bookcase that will fit almost anywhere. It is easy to assemble and can easily be expanded vertically and horizontally by simply adding more units. As String’s smallest shelving system, it is the perfect design solution for any space in the home or office.

Anoli: Elegant droplets and golden warmth are the essences of this sophisticated pendant collection by Nuura. Silent drops on a rainy day and the unique Nordic light are combined most elegantly. The Anoli collection is made of metal and mouth-blown glass in opal white or a delicate golden colour. It ranges from sleek pendants to elegant chandeliers and can be customised to suit a given space or design brief.

Blossi: Inspired by the golden light during the Nordic fall, the Blossi collection by Nuura illuminates a space with a soft and delicate light. Beautifully rounded glass lampshades give the Blossi collection a Nordic touch and complete the design. The collection ranges from pendants to lamps for the wall, table and floor.

Liila: The Liila collection was conceived with glass as a focal point. Mouth-blown glass is mounted on a metal disc, which gives the glass a floating appearance, creating elegant lighting that is evocative of the summer sun. Liila is available is opal white or a clear glass and is ideal for hallways, smaller rooms or spaces with low ceilings.

Miira: An award-winning design, the Miira collection sees the chandelier at its centre, expanding into a complete series of light. The lamps complement each other, and each one helps create a unique Nordic feel. A simple yet timeless design, it can be used everywhere from private homes to larger spaces.

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