Eco-Friendly Design: Green Backyard Ideas


If you’re concerned about the condition of our planet Earth, it’s time to make a few changes in your home and the best place to start is your outdoor space! Once you green up and redesign your backyard, you’ll not only help conserve the environment, but also spend more time outside in fresh air and sunshine! Let’s see a few of the best green backyard ideas you can try out this year.

Words: Amelia Atkins

Choose the right plants
If you want a green backyard, don’t think you can simply plant a bunch of greenery and call it a day. Some plants are very demanding and need a lot of water, fertilizer and pesticides to survive in your area which is not very eco-friendly. So, instead of planting exotic, rainforest flowers when you live in California, opt for something less water-dependent. For instance, cacti, succulents and various local plants are a much better choice! They are often drought-resistant, require very little care and are perfectly adapted to the soil and heat. Plus, they will perfectly fit your environment when it comes to aesthetics.2

Ditch your garage
If you have a tiny backyard, your concrete garage will make it look even smaller and more claustrophobic. So, unless you really can’t go without one, ditch your garage for something airy and light like a carport! Even though they are often neglected, well-designed carports are very practical, cost-efficient and very space-saving! One of the best and greenest things about these practical shelters is that you don’t need to pave your backyard and ruin your natural look. Simply leave the ground covered in grass or pebbles instead of that ugly, gray concrete!3

Provide green comfort
Make sure to complement your sustainable landscape with some eco-friendly seating! There are cozy outdoor furniture options made of environmentally-conscious materials and non-toxic paints perfect for fun Saturday backyard parties and lazy Sunday brunches. Also, make sure to accompany your seating with some soft outdoor cushions for extra comfort. Opt for weather-resistant fabrics that will stay beautiful for many, many years to come.

Light it up with clean energy
A well-designed backyard can be used both during the day and after the nightfall, so make sure to treat your outdoor space with some good illumination. However, traditional bulbs waste too much energy and tend to die pretty fast, especially if you leave them working long hours. Instead, opt for practical solar lights perfect for all sorts of illumination jobs. There are solar path lights, solar hanging lanterns, wall sconces and even solar string lights! All of these options will not only make your backyard practical and attractive during the night, but they will also boost safety.

Welcome little visitors
Most of today’s cities are completely covered in concrete which destroyed many natural habitats of insects, critters and birds. So, if you want to help those little buggers, why not create a home for them in your backyard? There are cute houses, feeders and baths that attract all sorts of birds and insects and give them food and shelter when times get rough. Also, planting local greenery will attract many pollinators and ensure you have a beautiful and vital garden! Your kids will love watching these backyard visitors and will learn a lot about animals and their conservation.4

Put your DIY hat on
A few finishing touches can turn your backyard from a comfy space into a real oasis of style! So, don’t neglect the decoration! But, if you want to stay true to your eco-friendly vibe, avoid stores and try your hand at a DIY project or two. For instance, you can easily repurpose your old buckets, tins and rusty wheelbarrows into ingenious planters and turn old wine bottles into tiny hanging gardens! Think outside the box and you’ll surely come up with some amazing, eco-friendly ideas.

Once you create your eco-friendly backyard, you and your loved ones will enjoy your outdoor times more than ever. You’ll feel much more comfortable knowing you’re doing something good for your struggling environment!