Hop into Easter Home Décor


Well what do you know, Easter is only a week away and I’m sure many of you, like me, are baffled at how quickly the year is passing. Is it just me or does time pass us by faster with each year?

Words: Catherine Falalis
Photography: Pinterest

Since time has a way of passing us by so quickly, I thought, it would be a great idea to have fun with the occasions we choose to celebrate. Why not create beautiful memories for you, your family and your friends by sprucing up your home décor to match the desired theme?

Thanks to the likes of Pinterest, I have sourced some cool and funky Easter home décor delights to inspire you this Easter season.


Bell jars are commonly used with candles to create a contemporary chic look and thus are very easy to find online, or from stores such as Dusk. Get an old book from a second hand store and use one of its pages to wrap the interior of the jar. Shred some mossy or hay-like coloured paper and use some plastic eggs to create a nest. Voila – a beautiful Spring and Easter inspired addition to your home.

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Substitute flowers in your vases with colourful dyed boiled eggs. Add some twigs and small branches to bring an earthy atmosphere to the room.


For an easy, no fuss way to add a little charm, jump online to source Easter themed cushions, or even head to your local Target or Kmart. Often, they bring out occasion-themed home décor. This is as easy as throwing them on your couch or coffee table and going on your merry way!

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Another easy way to ramp up your Easter theme is to dress up trays with eggs, bunny ornaments, and other earthy elements such as pebbles, flowers and grass.

0718e01ff071e39d06073bd2cab9c60f 05c52f8361a49ec55403bd594fee353dAnd for those of you who are really committed to the cause, you can’t go wrong rabbit inspired furnishings such as lamps or kid stools.