How To Style For Sale


Sometimes at the end of a renovation there simply isn’t room left in the budget to get a professional stylist in. If that’s the case, then you need to pull out all the stops yourself to ensure it’s looking amazing for those all-important marketing photos and inspections.

You want to create a blank canvas so that potential buyers can see themselves in your home. You need to create a space that’s stylish and good-looking whilst remaining neutral enough to allow people to visualise how they would personalise and use the space themselves.

Australia’s #1 Renovation Educator, undisputed Renovation Queen and Founder of Renovating for Profit  – Cherie Barber, is on Renovating for Profit’s online course – Interior Design for Profit, to offer a few top tips on how to ‘Style to For Sale’.cherie

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Here are some of her tips:

Don’t overuse colour
Colour is the ultimate in personal preference when decorating a room. Keeping it neutral (think: whites, creams, and greys at a push) will appeal to the widest possible audience. Do add pops of colour through accessories and furnishings though.

A good tip for painting the interior is to paint the north side in your selected colour, and then paint the south side in the same colour but half or quarter strength. This way it will visually appear the same colour throughout, allowing the darker rooms to stay light and bright. The same paint can look very different in rooms with lots of light compared to those with none at all.

Stay gender neutral
For much the same reasons as we recommend not overusing colour, it’s important that you don’t go either too masculine or feminine with your styling. This is particularly true in children’s rooms. Teal and yellow are good neutral options if you decide your room really does need some colour.dane-deaner-272375-unsplash

Style for the target market
Before you even start your renovation, you should have had a good idea of the kind of properties that are popular in the area you’re working in. Style to your market: don’t try and go against the grind on this one. Leave it to the eventual buyers to put their stamp of individuality on the house.

Have your steamer ready!
Something that’s never overlooked by a professional styler but often is by DIY-ers is the small detail of making sure that your curtains and bedding are flat and wrinkle-free. It’s so important to get rid of those creases to make sure no attention is unnecessarily drawn to them.

Add in some greenery
One of the best ways to make a place feel inviting and well cared for is with the inclusion of house plants. On days of inspections, you’d also do well to make sure that the house is full of the scent of fresh flowers. They’re that final touch that really let the buyer know that they’re buying a quality home.