Practical Ways to Increase the Privacy in Your Home


On the one hand, overpopulation does not mean that the lack of space is becoming a problem – as a matter of fact, most of the world still consists of endless landscapes filled with nothing but nature. On the other hand, we are all fighting for the reasonably sized living space near the urban centers. While people tend to conceive practical solutions for this, privacy is becoming an increasingly acute problem. If you live in a suburban environment that is filled with prying neighbors, here are some practical ways to increase the privacy in your home.

Words: Diana Smith

Plant evergreen treesplant-evergreen-trees

Now, if you live in a house with a sizeable yard, you have an opportunity to plant some lush trees and shrubbery that has big tops and crowns, but you have to take one thing into consideration before you finish the purchase – the seasons. Most parts of the world have some semblance of seasons and different climate conditions based on the time of the year, which means that, in order to have your house concealed all year round, you will need to plant evergreens. They will not only protect you from onlookers, but they can also release pleasant scents and serve as an additional layer of temperature isolation for your house.

Window frostingwindow-frosting

One of the potential downsides of covering your house with “blockers” to increase privacy is the lack of sunlight. If you want to avoid this, you can purchase window frosting and have the best of all worlds for virtually no money invested in the upgrade. The light will freely flow into the household and you won’t have to plant bulky trees and add tall fences to make the interior more private.

Add some elegant blindsadd-some-elegant-blinds

Generally speaking, blinds can be a dubious stylistic choice. Most types simply cannot shake off that appearance of an office item, and it renders private environments cold and official. It goes without mentioning that, combined with some ornate and vintage furniture, it looks positively jarring. Still, you can always opt to purchase some old-fashioned, rustic and elegant roller blinds. After all, they have been with humanity for almost half a millennia and they can add a truly airy, textured appearance to your living space and protect you from the prying eyes.

Consider it in the layout
If you are building your house from scratch or doing some wall renovations that are long overdue, the matter of privacy should be one of your top concerns. In other words, if you get a chance to repurpose your windows and place them in strategically sound places in order to minimize the chance of attracting onlookers, you should definitely take it. If you are “on the market”, looking for a new home, always pay close attention to two things – street view and the placement of your neighbors’ windows. According to this, start taking the necessary measures as soon as you purchase the lot. For example, if you want to have your windows covered by evergreen plant life, you should plant the seeds as soon as you get the chance so you can get the necessary coverage as soon as possible.

Putting up fencesputting-up-fences

Still, at the end of the day, installing a tall fence is one of the most ubiquitous and financially sound options to conceal your house from nosy neighbors. One of the upsides of putting up fences lies in the fact that you have such a flexible array of choices when it comes to material and style, you are bound to find something tasteful and interesting. As a matter of fact, if you start looking for creative solutions online, you will end up in a true internet rabbit hole. It is an extra exterior layer of protection that goes a long way.

If too many corners of our home are exposed to anyone who wants to take a glance, we tend to become uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, by and large, people feel uncomfortable in these cases even if the neighborhood is not particularly interested or if they live away from overpopulated communities. It is in the very nature of humans to seek shelter, and that shelter often entails some degree of hiding. With these tips and practical ways to increase the privacy in your home, you will be able to satisfy this “primordial” need and feel completely comfortable in your home.