Three Fold Office HQ Renovation by Karim


Karim recently renovated a 1000 sq ft. corner storefront space in Brooklyn that serves as the new HQ for local developer Three Fold.

Photography: Supplied

With an extremely limited budget and space constraints Karim took advantage of the abundant natural light from its street corner location by creating a minimalist white box with a simple linear layout using clear glass as the primary material.


KR focused on a single design gesture creating a gallery /circulation space along the storefront interior by consolidating all functional, programmatic daily requirements behind a single linear clear glass wall with sliding panels which spans the entire length of the space.

All interior walls are supported by the existing interior storefront structure, allowing daylight to penetrate deep into the work areas. Solid white painted walls divide adjacent rooms for privacy while full-height glass partitions orient and frame views through the front gallery out toward the street.