Variable temperature kettles by SMEG


Variable temperature kettles are the new must-have accessory for the many avid tea drinkers among us as temperature is key to the perfect cup of green, black or herbal tea.

A massive 42 per cent of Australians drink tea on a regular basis and to them a kettle that can be pre-set to the correct temperature for their chosen tea is now an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

klf04blauSmeg has released its first variable temperature kettle, designed in Italy by the same team of experts behind the multi-award winning Smeg stand mixers, blenders and toasters.

Accuracy was a cornerstone of the design brief and this new kettle has seven preset temperatures – 50˚C, 60˚C, 70˚C (green and white tea), 80˚C (oolong), 90˚C (chamomile), 95˚C (plunger coffee) and 100˚C (herbal and black tea).

The Smeg KLF04 variable temperature kettle retains the same beautiful 50s retro-style lines as its family of award-winning stand mixer, toasters and blender as well as the espresso coffee machine – and in the same eight colours of pastel pink, blue and green plus red, black, panna, white and polished stainless steel.

klf04pkauOther features of the variable temperature kettle are its stainless steel body with 360˚ swivel base with non-slip feet and cord storage; a soft open lid; lime scale filter and 20-minute keep warm option.

The kettle has a capacity of 1.7 litres (seven cups) and an acoustic alarm at end of cycle.

The Smeg KLF04 variable temperature kettle is available nationally from department stores and selected electrical retailers for an RRP of $259.

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