La Cornue By e&s: A True Symbol Of French Refinement And Conviviality


La Cornue, the unrivalled French manufacturers of luxury domestic cookers, has completed one year in Australia, offered by leading appliance retailer, e&s.

A true symbol of French refinement and conviviality, Australians can continue to boast the La Cornue signature Château range in their own homes, thanks to e&s.

Established in 1908, by passionate cook Albert Dupuy with a mission to create the most beautiful cookers in the world, every Château cooker made today is an original, manufactured as a single unit, hand-made to order and assembled by one craftsman in the Paris workshop.es_la-cornue_150-chateau-burgundyA premium style and look can be personally created with no less than 8,000 different configurations, colour and trim combinations to choose from. The ultimate in luxury kitchen appliances, each La Cornue cooker is a bespoke creation, built to suit the individual’s requirements, desires and appetites.

Using the most noble of materials, La Cornue continues their ongoing quest for excellence, ensuring beauty in every detail with the signature brand plate and snail-shaped handles. Importantly, the company invests in continued product development with the new generation of vaulted oven including their G4 patent (a radiation, conduction and convection disk) to ensure maintained culinary excellence.9uptaxll