Maximise Laundry Efficiency With e&s


A functional laundry space is a must-have in any home, simplifying an activity that can easily take a few hours to complete each week. Smart design and the right set of appliances can help make the space more efficient, reducing the time spent doing laundry and being more cost-effective in the long run.

A roomy laundry room can be hard to find in modern-day homes, with the increasing popularity of apartments and townhouses, but the limited space can continue to be highly efficient and effective with a smart design and the right set of appliances.

Looking to spruce up your laundry space so doing your weekly laundry load is a breeze? Here are six ways you can transform your laundry to make the most out of it.screenshot_4Consider washer & dryer placement: Side by side washer and dryers are more accessible and generally larger, while stacking your appliances has great space saving capabilities. If you aren’t certain on your layout, opt for front loaders over top loaders, as they can be stacked or installed under an exisiting bench, making more room for a folding station.

Maximise vertical space and use open shelving: Include overhead storage and a wall mounted ironing board so it’s out of the way when you don’t need it. A suspended drying rack utilises ceiling space that would otherwise go unused. Open shelving along with storage boxes and baskets make for an open, airy aesthetic. Cain or wicker baskets are durable, have great storage capacity, and can hide away cleaning products or dirty clothing from sight.

Use the back of the laundry door for storage: An over-the-door ironing board is an effective and practical solution to lack of storage and floor space. Lighter and less fiddly than traditional ironing boards, over-the-door ironing boards are affordable, space-saving, and always conveniently hidden out of view when you aren’t using them. Mops and brooms can also be hung in over-the-door holders when space is tight.  es-beaumaris-34356Integrated cabinetry for appliances and storage: If you don’t have a dedicated laundry room at all, integrated cabinetry ensures appliances and products are all tucked out of the way and out of sight when you have people over.

Save space with a washer-dryer combo: If you don’t have room for a standalone dryer, consider a washer-dryer combo. It’s perfect for homes without a dedicated laundry room, doing the job of two appliances, while taking up the footprint of one.

Save on dry-cleaning costs: Running up dry-cleaning bills every month for your work clothes or favourite designer outfits? Consider investing in the V-ZUG Refresh Butler, that looks after your clothes with utmost care. The crease guard function reduces creases or wrinkles on the elbows, ankles or knees of suits, while the hygiene programme eliminates up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Expect impressive results in the comfort of your