How to make the perfect leisure room


A Leisure room is that special place in your home where you go to relax and enjoy some me-time without bothering other members of your household. The great thing about it is that you can make it anything you want. If you have a basement you don’t use so often or attic, consider remodeling that space and creating the ultimate leisure room for the whole family.

And here some things you should definitely have there.

Words: Jessie Hogarth

Add some games
Games include a number of things that will turn your leisure room into the ultimate fun experience. You can buy a console, plug it into a big TV and play video games, or you can buy pools table and shoot some balls. Also, if you have kids, consider placing some board games that the whole family can play, like Monopoly for example.

Choose a comfortable seating set
Seating set will be the center of the room so you need to find the one that will fit perfectly with the whole leisure concept. That means it has to be comfortable and spacious enough so that you can lie down and take a nap. However, you can use some more alternative solutions that are affordable and yet equally comfortable.rec_room_recreation_pool_table_bar_couch_house_home_indoors-717585

Use foam mats on the certain area you want to use for seating so that you would create a softer and warmer surface. Cover it with several bigger cushions and use smaller ones for the back. Add a low coffee table and a floor lamp, and you will nap like a baby enveloped in coziness.

Add a bar
An ideal thing to have in your leisure room is a nice beverage you can drink without having to go to the kitchen for it. Therefore, the perfect solution is to add a bar with a mini fridge and coffee maker. This will require some more extensive works like building a counter and installing a pipeline for the water supply. 6561149237_fa163fcdeb_bHowever, once everything is completed, you will be able to enjoy all the perks of having a leisure room. And the best thing about it is that you just made an entertainment area as well, so you can call friends to hang out or organize a party. It’s enough to say that you will become quite popular among your friends.

Think about lights
If you turned your basement or attic into the leisure room, then you probably lack natural light. If adding windows is not possible, try to rectify the situation with different types of lights. Install overhead lights above certain areas like the bar and the seating set, just make sure they cover the whole room.contemporary-design-illuminated-1090638Use small lights to set the mood and highlight certain items like a painting, pool table or the TV set. Lamps are perfect to give you warm and soothing light near the sofa, so you can read or watch a movie. Lava lamps are a fun and interesting detail that can also serve as a decoration and since they come in various colors, you can certainly find the one appropriate for the décor.

Adjust the room temperature
Another thing you can do to create a perfect leisure room is to make sure that temperature there is just as you like it. That means you will have to contact air condition installation services to set an AC unit in the room or call them to clean the already existing one. During summer and the heat wave, there is nowhere better to be then in the cool ambiance of your leisure room and relaxing.

Play the music
If you are a music aficionado then you will certainly want to listen to it in your leisure room. Create an area for shelves where you will store your records and CDs. Music players can be pricey, but will certainly make the whole experience more special.techland-1822630_960_720However, in order to prevent any noise complaints from the neighbors, soundproof the room in time during renovations. That will also protect you from the outside noise and give you the ideal environment to listen to music and maybe even play an instrument and sing if you like.

Benefits of a fireplace
Imagine the winter outside, everything is covered in snow, the temperature is low and you are sitting in front of the fireplace of your leisure room and sipping tea. The fireplace always looks great in the house, even if it’s only there for decorative purposes or rarely used. They will make the room more homey and calm, so seriously consider having one and functional if possible so you can use it for heating as well.apartment-candles-chair-276728Leisure room is your sanctuary so make the most of it by adding all the features you will need to relax, have fun and escape from the world. Some items may be pricey, but you don’t have to have it all right away but over a certain period of time. In the end, this will probably be everyone’s favorite room in the whole house and help you have quality time with your family and friends.