Light Murals by Vibia

The Pin Collection by Ichiro Iwasaki The Pin Collection by Ichiro Iwasaki

Soften the lighting in the room with your very own custom light mural or direct the lights for practical use with The Pin Collection designed by Ichiro Iwasaki.

Words: Madeleine Bryant
Photography: Supplied

Diversity in products is certainly growing in popularity amongst retailers and consumers, not only does it make our lives easier and reduces clutter in our homes but it also reduces waste in the environment.


Ichiro Iwasaki has beautifully fused art and function together to create multifunctional lamps for both practical and artistic uses. 7 different sconces allows for a many different wall arrangements and applications. Also featured in the collection are table and floor lamps which are all available in shades of black, white, cream and green.

Sparks Lamps by Arik Levy

Inspired by the party sparkler, designer Arik Levy has created wall lamps that feature moving elements and allow you to rotate the components by hand to create your own electric sculpture.


Light up bland walkways, jazz up your bedroom or add ambience to a social setting with the Sparks Lamps. When turned on the lights emit a subtle glow by day and become dramatic features at night. However, when turned off the lamps remain as conceptual art installations that are sure to attract attention no matter what the setting.

Sparks is available in three different sizes making it easy to choose the right one for your space and two opposing colours; matt mink lacquer which has a soft angelic effect and graphite grey, which makes for a striking, gothic effect.

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