Limited Edition Migration to Cloud Bookcase


Bofetto Form to Furniture has launched its extraordinary 99-piece limited edition bookcase. The work of art combines the talents of Italian architect Emanuele Svetti and painter Ascanio.

Words: Kalli Zerveas

The Migration to Cloud Bookcase is a perfect connection between Svetti’s skilled architectural input and Ascanio’s fascinating creativity.

The eclectic architect Svetti, is renowned for knowing no barriers when it comes to his design style, engaging with modern trends as well as traditional. The bookcase, which is part of the Join-Incastro Perfetto collection, finds likeness with a “hug’s lightness”, hence its suggestive name. Svetti expresses a moment of intimacy and intensity similar to a hug.

The distinct white matte surface of the bookcase is nothing less of engaging, its rare look perfected with an illuminated perimeter. Ascanio’s painting as a base provides a stark yet captivating contrast between the two designer’s styles. The back has been constructed with printed and backlit glass, ensuring an impressive original piece.


Talented street artist, Ascanio is famous for his expressive wall paintings and participatory street art. He is known to involve pedestrians in his work, allowing them to share in a unique experience of participated art. Born in Cuba, the artist currently lives and works in Milan. Ascanio’s art is exceptionally unique, his Migration piece a reminder of his skill.

The piece embraces Ascanio’s Migration painting metaphorically and physically, the painting set in a contemporary house composed of cornice and containers. The results from Svetti and Ascanio present a unification of the artistic and design world.