A leading supplier of architectural lighting, Louis Poulsen targets the professional and private lighting markets with lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications. Established in the 1920’s, the iconic lighting brand boasts designs from Danish design greats Poul Henningsen and Arne Jacobsen. All Louis Poulsen novelties are available to order now from Cult showrooms in Australia and New Zealand.

The Yuh collection by GamFratesi for Louis Poulsen includes a Wall, Floor and Table lamp inspired by the iconic AJ lamp by Arne Jacobsen. Celebrating Louis Poulsen’s philosophy of designing to shape light, Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi, who make up GamFratesi, design Yuh – a table, floor and wall lamp collection.

5_gamfratesi_photopetrakleis_previewOne of the essential features of the lamp is that it is personal. The lamp is flexible and takes up very little space. It rotates, rises and drops, illuminating and creating ambience in the required area. With an impressive knowledge of design history and inspired by Poul Henningsen’s philosophy about light, combined with Arne Jacobsen’s geometric shapes, GamFratesi pay homage to the legends and add their own characteristic aesthetic playfulness to the new Yuh collection.

The lamp provides direct glare-free downward light, and the angle of the shade can be adjusted to optimise light distribution. The slim opening at the top of the shade provides soft, ambient upward illumination.

yuh-family-white_previewWe are very inspired by the AJ lamp design by Arne Jacobsen. There is something very striking about its geometry – it is extremely sculptural, but also very geometric,” says Stine Gam.

  • FINISHES // Black, White
  • OPTIONS // Floor, Wall, Table
  • PRICE // From RRP AUD $1,080.00

yuh-table-lamp-detail-black_previewICONIC PH5 PENDANT NOW AVAILABLE IN MINI SIZE:
The iconic PH5 pendant has it’s first-ever resize with the launch of the PH5 Mini – a scaled down version of this classic pendant to cater to contemporary and creative living. The PH5 Mini is available in 8 different finishes, and is 20cm smaller in width than the PH5 pendant, measuring 30cm wide.

ph-5-mini-family-all_previewThe iconic PH5 pendant was designed in 1958 by Poul Henningsen, the pioneer of lighting design who developed the concept of ‘shaping light’ with his three-shade system. Now in 2017, the PH5 has it’s first-ever resize with the launch of the PH5 Mini – a scaled down version of this classic pendant to cater to contemporary and creative living.

ph-5-mini-rose-red-orange_previewThe new PH 5 Mini is introduced in an innovative new colour palette, developed in collaboration with colour expert Louise Sass and plays with colours that start with the darkest tone at the top and soften shade by shade. These include Hues of Orange, Hues of Rose, Hues of Red, Hues of Green, Hues of Blue and Hues of Grey. It is also available in white.

The original pendant was named PH5 because of the 50-centimetre diameter of its top shade, whereas the PH5 Mini has a top shade diameter of 30 centimetres.

  • FINISHES // Classic White, Contemporary White or Hues of Orange, Rose, Red, Green, Blue or Grey
  • DIMENSIONS // 300Ø X 163H mm
  • PRICE // From RRP AUD $1,080.00

Designed by master craftsman Vilhelm Lauritzen, the VL38 light collection is given a sleek update with the introduction of a new black finish.


Louis Poulsen has a long history of designing to shape light and the company’s collaboration with Vilhelm Lauritzen, the trail-blazing figurehead of Danish functionalism, forms part of that tradition. The VL38 table, floor and wall lamp has traditionally only been able available in white/brass, but is now available in black/ brass also.

The VL38 is the epitome of the characteristic Vilhelm Lauritzen lampshade and his innovative views on lighting design. The original combination of white and brass is both beautiful and timeless. The new black version adds a rigorous and modern touch to a design that allows you to work with contrast and darkness in your interiors, without compromising the shape of the light,” explains Rasmus Markholt, idea and design director at Louis Poulsen.

vl38-family-black_previewThe arms of the lamps are made of brass and the inside shade is painted white to ensure a soft, comfortable light. With two light levels, the lamp emits a directed downward light and the angle of the shade can be adjusted to optimise light distribution.

  • FINISHES // White/Brass, Black/Brass
  • OPTIONS // Floor, Wall, Table
  • PRICE // From RRP AUD $950.00

Louis Poulsen shines a new light on the Doo-Wop, one of its most distinctive pendant shapes, with the introduction of two new metal finishes – Polished Copper and Stainless Steel.

doo-wop-brass-steel-copper_previewMixing metals is a simple method for adding depth and visual interest. Cool metallic tones, such as steel, bring a clean, modern aesthetic to a space, whilst warmer tones, such as copper and brass, are inviting and flattering. Single or mixed, the new versions of Doo-Wop in metal are adaptable, edgy and elegant.

The pendant was originally introduced in 1952 and designed in close partnership with the Danish

Navy Buildings Department. Exploiting the difficult spinning technique developed by the Louis Poulsen craftsmen, the pendant is an example of Louis Poulsen’s world-famous expertise and creates almost impossible shapes out of a simple sheet of metal.

The range now consists of a painted dark grey and a white, in addition to three metal versions: brass and the new steel and copper. With the characteristic and balanced outline of the design, these pendants form a harmonious, strong and contemporary family.

  • FINISHES // White, Dark Grey, Gold, Polished Copper, Stainless Steel
  • DIMENSIONS // 283Ø X 245H mm
  • PRICE // From RRP AUD $1,225.00

Louis Poulsen release a Limited Edition PH 31⁄2-3 pendant, featuring amber-coloured glass and a brass suspension. It will be available to design aficionados for just two months, from November to December 2017.

ph-3-3-amber-coloured-glass-pendant_limited-edition-2017_louis-poulsen_previewThe beauty of Poul Henningsen’s legacy – a legacy that is integral to the Louis Poulsen story – lies in the continued relevance and adaptability of his designs. In celebration of Henningsen’s ingenious light play, Louis Poulsen release a limited edition of his PH 31⁄2-3 pendant, originally designed in 1926.

For today’s discerning lovers of iconic Danish design, Louis Poulsen is presenting the pendant’s Italian, mouth-blown, single-layered glass in a classic amber hue. The special edition colour accentuates the PH 31⁄2-3’s exceptional warmth and human expression.

As the glass of each pendant is crafted individually, each lamp varies ever so slightly from the others, resulting in unique pieces that are as much works of art as functional additions to home or work spaces,” says Rasmus Markholt, Idea & Design Director at Louis Poulsen, noting that the pendant’s size makes it ideal for use over a dining table – or, in a more artful arrangement, for hanging multiple pendants together.

  • FINISHES // Amber Glass
  • DIMENSIONS // 330Ø X 225H mm
  • PRICE // From RRP AUD $2,715.00