Redesigning a Millennial’s Living Room into a Modern Grown-Up Space


Millennials, as a generation, are known for their thriftiness, as well as the ability to make something out of practically nothing. Don’t have a sofa, but you need a sofa? No problem! Just tie a bunch of pallets together and add some cosy throw pillows, and voila! The best thing is that you can easily make a matching chair and a coffee table as well, and it really won’t cost much.

Words: Lillian Connors

Thanks to all the creativity, the DIY movement became more popular than ever, with people racing to create something new with their own two hands whenever possible. However, there comes a time at a certain point in a millennial’s life when pallet furniture no longer seems to cut it. As with everything else regarding millennials, growing up is also quick, sudden and very emphasized. Rather than a process, this change seems to happen overnight and it can be seen in the way they dress, act and live. So, let’s see what kind of transformation a millennial’s living room is bound to go through once the time to grow up comes.

A mentioned, the furniture in a millennial’s living room is functional and practical, and that is usually it. Mismatched, repurposed and salvaged furniture pieces are getting replaced with functional, elegant and sleek furniture. However, since millennials are famous for their creativity and with such a wide variety of different designs and styles, it is rarely the case that their new living environment ends up looking sterile and dull. They still manage to bring in their personal stamp, regardless of the style they opt for. Some of the millennial favourites are the eclectic and industrial style, but they are also fond of mismatching and seemingly contrasting styles like modern-vintage or modern-rustic.image4

Next, millennials are a generation that is used to thinking three steps ahead. What this means is that they will carefully consider every piece of furniture or equipment they buy, as well as its placement, well before they actually make a purchase. Basically, even if they still don’t have children, they will choose to go with space-saving TV wall mounts rather than bulky TV stands, because this option is much safer and way more practical in the long run. Not only does it require significantly less space, but it also allows them to completely personalize the watching experience. Also, when choosing a sofa, for example, a fold out sofa bed usually wins over a sofa that can be used only for sitting. This is because, unlike the older generations, millennials always expect more from everything – furniture included.image2

Since the trends are constantly changing nowadays, it’s no surprise that neutrals became so popular once again. Let’s set the stage: neutral walls combined with colourful furniture and a single accent wall is this generation’s preferred way to bring various shades in any space. However, if we dig a bit deeper, there might be another reason behind this trend. As the name suggests, neutrals are very low-key shades that basically serve as a blank canvas; but with other colours, you are required to make a commitment, so to speak. Now, millennials are a generation that is not quite quick to commit to anything, unlike their parents and grandparents. And there lies the whole answer – if the room’s base is neutral, the rest of the colours can easily be changed at any given moment by using new throw pillow cases, sofa covers and area rugs.image3

Finally, as mentioned before, millennials love expressing themselves whenever and wherever possible. So, once you step into a millennial’s apartment, be sure to expect various statement pieces scattered all across their living area. These items are usually the only pieces of design millennials are willing to splurge on, as they usually try to go with a cheaper option. This, of course, is a no surprise considering what the state of the economy was during their upbringing. These statement pieces can be literally anything, but you will most certainly be able to recognize them.alexander-pemberton-95212-unsplash

Since millennials are already well-known to shape and bend the world around them to their liking, instead of adapting themselves to fit in and blend with the crowd, it comes as a no surprise that the same goes when interior design is in question. Functionality and practicality is the name of the game, but also unique statement pieces that make any millennial’s interior truly their own. So, the next time you go visit your millennial friend, don’t be surprised if instead of the mismatched furniture and pallet sofas you get welcomed by a stylish interior full of carefully placed multifunctional furniture and lots of statement pieces, because that will only mean that your friend has grown up and is ready to take on new challenges.