Modern and Minimalist for an Industrial Edge


Highgrove Bathrooms’ new range of Jones & Jones Concrete Basins are both modern and minimalist to enhance any bathroom interior. Whether you’re going for an industrial, luxe or rustic look, the raw and textured look and feel of this round basin is versatile enough to complement a diverse range of bathroom styles.

For a classic but contemporary look, adorn your marble vanity top with the new Jones & Jones Concrete Basin in an organic round or oval shape, paired with matte black fittings. Radiating luxury and sophistication, this combination is an everlasting favourite in bathroom design. To amplify the modern edge, an increasingly popular combination of concrete mixed with timber and brushed brass creates a new age feel. The raw and industrial concrete set against warm timber offers a strikingly contemporary look.concrete-3Available in white and grey, Highgrove Bathrooms’ new Concrete Basins offer a great neutral foundation for your bathroom interior. Guaranteed a long life in the bathroom thanks to a fibre-reinforced concrete material, this product is not only aesthetic but makes for highly functional and durable vanity top basin.

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