Move over Man-Cave, It’s Time for the Mum-Zone!


With mother’s day fast approaching next month, partners and children flock to the shops in an effort to show appreciation to mum’s all around the nation. Gift vouchers for spa treatments, nail salons and massages fly out the door like hotcakes! Whether you’re a mum trying to balance a work / family routine, a stay at home mum looking after the kids, or a single mum taking on the role of two parents, it seems necessary for Australian mums to celebrate themselves on a daily basis rather than just once a year.

Words: Kalli Zerveas
Photography: Pinterest

The ‘mum-zone’ is a space where all mum’s can find solitude and peace in their own home. However, this rather new revolutionary term remains in unfamiliar territory for most Australian mothers.

The term ‘mum-zone’ has only recently surged following a study of 13,000 Australian mums by Fantastic Furniture. In a step towards recognition for the countless tired, hard-working mums around the nation, the survey revealed that over 70 per cent of mothers claim to be in dire need of their own space at home. The majority of Australian mums find it difficult to unwind, with almost 90 per cent explaining that household demands prevent them from having any down time.


The ‘man-cave’ on the other hand, has become a common concept in recent times. This comes with the realisation that everyone deserves a little alone time in their own happy space – particularly busy and stressed parents.


Fantastic Furniture CEO, Debra Singh responded to the company’s findings explaining, “There is nowhere for mum to go when she needs to chill out alone”.

The survey revealed that whilst most mums have nowhere to call ‘their zone,’ 25 per cent of their partners have carved out their man cave. Men are more often taking the time they need to retreat from a hectic family life, yet mums are without their equivalent.


The mum zone shouldn’t merely be a space where a busy mum can take a breather, but a space that sparks joy and prioritises well-being. More than half of the women surveyed (57 per cent) said their mum zone would consist of ‘gorgeous furniture and coordinated accessories’, topping the list of essential ‘mum zone’ items. The longing for ‘a big comfy bed’ does not trial far behind with 31 per cent of women finding it essential to catch up on much needed sleep. 25 per cent of women surveyed shared they would love a space to listen to their own music and 15 per cent would decorate their space with fresh flowers.


“Clearly women are looking for a little bit more refinery than men in their mum zone, with comfort, relaxation and beautiful home-wares replacing pool tables, dart boards and bar fridges,” laughed Ms Singh.

More than half of the women surveyed said their busy lives meant it was difficult to have ‘family time,’ however sharing meal times, particularly dinner, was the best way to enjoy time together.


“In spite of the pressures of modern living, many families are taking the time out to enjoy good conversation and connections around the dinner table just as many generations have before us, which is why it pays to have a dining setting that suits your needs,” advises Ms Singh.

Fantastic Furniture often run surveys to discover the latest trends in Australian households, yet the unprecedented and overwhelming response to this particular survey suggests the subject matter is dear to many women’s hearts.

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