Nautical Inspired Apartment With Covet House


Keeping up with a fast paced and everchanging sector like technology can be a hard task. With everyday life being completely in sync with the latest tech and cultural advances, a home can and should be ever evolving as well.

The Cullinan by Cameron Interiors is an award-winning interior design project, that features some of COVET HOUSE’s brands. Having a panoply of choices, from BOCA DO LOBO, DELIGHTFULL, BRABBU, KOKET, MAISON VALENTINA, CIRCU, LUXXU, ESSENTIAL HOME, RUG’SOCIETY, PULLCAST, FOOGO, and the most recent CAFFE LATTE. projects-_-nautical-inspired-apartment-1

Winning the bronze in the “Design Award and Competition”, this project was designed by the prestigious Cameron Interiors Hong Kong, a firm that worked with projects of varying dimensions up to that point this wasn’t their first award-winning work. These projects ranged from small to large scale residential and even commercial and corporate design projects, always striving to provide unique and comprehensive design solutions, completely tailored to their clients’ persona.