Nemu Collection: The textured glass coffee tables with a seductive water effect


Textured glass modelled by hand, typical of the artistic creations made in the glass furnaces of Murano that give this material a special “water effect” reminiscent of Venice’s essential element and of the muse Désirée draws inspiration from. This is the distinguishing feature of Nemu, the collection of coffee tables created by designers Setsu & Shinobu Ito for this brand belonging to Gruppo Euomobil.

Minimalist and light, these coffee tables are available in three sizes and are supported by a linear, tubular metal framework with a burnished nickel finish while the circular tops are in precious 15-mm thick textured-effect thermoformed glass in ice, bronze and anthracite colours. Neutral colours chosen on purpose to remind you of liquids that change their appearance depending on how you look at them: looking darker from far off but becoming brighter and more transparent as you get closer.nemu3_sl_3In other words, glass is the real star of this collection, a panel processed with exquisite skill as has been done uninterruptedly for years in the glass furnaces of the master glassmakers of Murano.  A design that displays an elegant dualism: an uneven reverse side – reminiscent of the rippling effect of water – can be seen from the top which isn‘t

perfectly even either but is somewhat smoother and flatter so that you can stand objects on it safely and comfortably.

These characteristics make Nemu an object that is not only appreciated with the eyes: in fact, these coffee tables aren’t just set-down surfaces, they are also occasional furnishings that are alive thanks to the material they are made of. When you admire and run your fingers over these surfaces the sight and feel of water is brought to mind creating magical reflections of the objects standing on them, in an interplay of light and shadows that changes with the time of day and the light surrounding them, just like expanses of water in nature.nemu1_3