New MiCuit tableware collection


Introducing the MiCuit tableware collection by Micucci Interiors, which is individually hand-crafted and hand-painted in Spain by two young entrepreneur artists. They are passionate about design and illustration, and have developed their own brand, famous for hand-crafted tableware with a fresh and modern style.

From jugs to plates and from bowls to bottles, they are perfect for any table setting or just as an individual decorative item. All of the porcelain tableware is beautifully finished with elegant gold detailing around the rim, which makes these pieces truly unique and luxurious. These are their signature ranges, but they also accept bespoke orders on request.micuit-starfish-dinner-plate

Micucci Interiors offers an exclusive range of designer home accessories, lighting and fine art. Although they tend to specialise in accessories, they sometimes incorporate very special and unique pieces to their collection, resulting in an eclectic mix rather than a uniform style. They travel around Europe and the rest of the world to source exciting new pieces that they regularly add to their collection.

Micucci Interiors allows you to add interesting pieces to your interiors, teaming the elegant with the unusual. Their choices are dictated by spontaneous attraction to shapes and colours as much as knowledge of design. They draw inspiration from famous designers and artists from around the world, which helps them to put together the range of their carefully curated pieces.micuit-dragonfly-water-bottle

Micucci Interiors is an independent company, that provides an individual approach to every order by building a personal relationship with all their new and existing clients. They work closely with all of their artists to achieve and deliver the best possible product. Over the past years, Micucci Interiors maintained a friendly and personal relationship with all affiliated artists, who always go that extra mile to support clients, offering a first-class service at all times.