New workplace for established Australian family construction business is designed to increase socialising and collaboration


A new workplace for established Australian business Richard Crookes Constructions has been built to bring the whole work ‘family’ together to socialise and collaborate.

Designed by leading interior and architectural design firm, Futurespace, the new workplace brings the family business together under one roof in a laidback, professional and domestic space.

r-crooks_3593-hires_previewDesign Director of Futurespace, Gavin Harris said; “Richard Crookes family based culture is able to thrive in the new space, with an informal vibe where employees can come together to socialise, to eat together, learn together, and ultimately collaborate to continue delivering innovative solutions for their clients.”

“So often our work colleagues become close friends who feel like family and it’s no wonder when you’re spending more than 40 hours a week with the same people. It makes sense to create a more comfortable workplace that feels like home.”

r-crooks_3608-hires_previewThe new workplace spans 2,300sqm over one floor in Gore Hill, Sydney, catering for over 140 staff.

“We designed a workplace that would feel like home, with many inclusive and informal spaces that encourage a laid-back, causal and connected workplace,” said Mr Harris.

“Before we started designing the office, we asked the employees to choose words that would best describe what they wanted in a new workplace. They came back with ‘home’, ‘high tech’ and ‘flexible’, so this has been the focus and outcome of the new office.”

r-crooks_3522-hires_previewAn important element in creating this domestic design was the materials chosen by Futurespace.

“The choice of materials was less about aesthetic and more about creating an experience that is aligned with the objectives of the project,” said Mr Harris.

r-crooks_3598-hires_preview“We used textured weaves, raw timber, patina metals and naturally aged materials to reflect the core of the company’s operation in construction. The colours we used further reveal the truth of the company with references to cement, terracotta, steel and timber.”

Managing Director of Richard Crookes Constructions, Jamie Crookes said; “The new workplace is a total overhaul from our previous, ad-hoc space. The office has been designed to create a home for our employees, creating a domestic feel that promotes collaboration and productivity for our growing team.”

r-crooks_3664-hires_preview“There has been noticeable shift in the way our teams having been working together since the move.  The high-tech element and collaborative nature of the workplace also fosters innovation, producing better outcomes for projects and clients.”