NZ Interior Design firm Material Creative gets a trendy new office


Material Creative’s brand new office space in Auckland is laden with modern touches set against a backdrop of striking classical architecture. The resulting effect is sure to blow your mind.

 Words: Pia Sinha
Photography: Josh Griggs for The New

As one of New Zealand’s award-winning interior design practices, we were not surprised to learn that Material Creative recently relocated to a new office space. We were however eager to see how their passion for interiors would help define its look-and-feel.


Material Creative’s founding designers; Toni Brandso and Liv Harper were presented with a blank canvas inside a turn-of-the-century building for this project.  They’ve utilised it to craft a modern office space that serves as an extension of their design ethos.  With that they’ve also managed to enhance and preserve the classic architectural elements that were already an indelible part of the office building.


What you see now is a stunning interior space with an ambience that feels chic, bright, warm and hospitable. It is trendy and one step ahead.


What’s also interesting is that Material Creative shares this space with interior brands like Nodi Rugs, Hannah Design Studio, Brandology, Gault’s and Amber Armitage.


We particularly appreciate that the brand designed their LED lights and had them made locally.  You’ll see how the LEDs lend oodles of urban appeal to the ceiling’s classic architectural style.


Another interesting feature is the use of linen curtains to delineate spaces and to give a residential feel to the interiors of an office area.


To find out more about this design powerhouse, head over to their website today.