Benchmark announces the Sage collection by David Rockwell


Leading British furniture maker Benchmark will present a new collection of furniture by award-winning American architect David Rockwell at 100% Design from 18 – 21 September, during this year’s London Design Festival.

The Sage Collection, designed for office and commercial environments as well as the home, has a specific focus on human health and well-being within the built environment and meets the standards required for WELL certified buildings. The tenets of biophilic design inspired the collection, with its natural materials, colours and textures, rounded profiles and inviting ergonomic shapes. These elements are intrinsic in the work of both Benchmark and David Rockwell, which, together with an interest in transformation and mobility, have resulted in a collection that offers moments of both refuge and prospect.

Launching with sit-stand desks, meeting tables, sofas, chair, occasional tables and storage, Sage is made with only natural, sustainable non-toxic materials and finishes in combinations of ash, sycamore and oak with patinated copper accents and textured wool upholstery.

The characteristics of wellbeing, comfort, privacy, and flexibility are all requirements of a modern, vibrant workplace and have informed the Sage collection. Highlights include:

Sit-Stand Desk and Workbench: inspired by the classic drafting desk, the Sit-Stand Desk and Workbench offers a contemporary solution for flexible work surfaces. With rounded corners and soft edges together with the ability to transform from seating to standing at the touch of a button, these pieces combine both functional and emotional ergonomics. The workbench also features an intersecting illuminated arch and pinboard privacy panels. cccSofa: subtly and beautifully detailed, the Sage Sofa expresses Benchmark’s skilled woodworking and value of craftsmanship. Relaxed and welcoming cushions are filled with natural materials and supported by a curved wooden frame which showcases the expressive grain of the timber.

In an effort to challenge the way that upholstery is usually made, Benchmark have chosen not to use plastic foam and to develop the collection with entirely natural materials – coir, latex, sheep’s wool, and recycled cotton. This overcomes the significant environmental concerns surrounding the disposal of plastic foam in landfill as well as eliminating the need for toxic, fire-retardant chemicals.

With complete material transparency and low chemical emissions, the Sage Collection will be launched with certification to provide international recognition of its wellness and sustainability credentials to help specifiers source products that consider both the environment and human health.

Discussing the new collection, David Rockwell, founder of Rockwell Group says: “We were inspired by the simplicity of Benchmark’s approach and their passion for finely wrought craft and honest materials to create a collection that is visually calming and intuitive. With productivity, healthfulness, and comfort in mind, we wanted to create a vibrant collection for what people want today.”

Sean Sutcliffe, Founder of Benchmark says: “Working together with David and his team, we have created a collection that we can all feel very good about. In a world that is full of plastic solutions, we think that the Sage collection brings a very fresh look using the most modern of materials – solid wood.  We hope that its users will benefit not only from its aesthetics but also the inherent wellness it will bring.”