Savills new workplace in Governor Phillip Tower reflects its top tier reputation


World leading property advisory firm Savills has moved into its new headquarters in Sydney’s Governor Phillip Tower in a 2,400m2 workplace over two floors.

Designed by leading interior and architecture design firm, Futurespace, the Savills work space has unique and intuitive design elements that demonstrate their top-tier reputation.

savills-3438-hires_previewFounder and Director of Futurespace, Stephen Minnett said: “People come to Savills to find the best solutions for their property requirements, so we had to create a workplace that would reflect this reputation.”

“We did this with new thinking about how the space can support the business through flexible and agile solutions and by creating an Activity Based Workplace that supports the employees.”

The Activity Based Working (ABW) space changes the traditional way a workplace is set out and changes employee and client behaviours.

savills-3497-hires_preview“The workplace changes people’s behaviours from individual ownership of space, from the ‘my desk’, ‘my office’ philosophy, to a more team based community space,” said Mr Minnett.

“So many organisations get ABW wrong. Instead of thinking about how much the company can save, businesses need to put the needs of the employees at the forefront, which is exactly what we have done with Savills.”

A defining feature of the new workplace is the breaking of communication barriers, both physical and technological.

savills-3195-hires_preview“The new space has been stripped back to allow for ease of movement and a visibly connected workplace. A centrally located internal staircase provides a fluid connection between spaces, and advanced technology allows for ease of connection within the office and with other offices throughout Australia and internationally,” said Mr Minnett.

Movement was an important part of the design strategy by encouraging collaboration, incidental exercise, and workplace socialising.

“Savills wanted to provide different settings in the workplace that encourage people to sit, stand and move throughout their day. We not only did this through the design of the physical space but bringing in ergonomic furniture like sit/stand desks,” said Mr Minnett.

savills-3330-hires_preview“We also designed a centrally located hub that attracts staff and clients to gather and interact, as well as many informal and open collaboration spaces for ad-hoc discussions.”

The new workplace supports and encourages a healthy workplace culture of working hard and networking.

The Managing Director of Savills NSW, Simon Fenn said: “At Savills, we have an entrepreneurial approach to business, so we needed a workplace that would support the way we work.”

“Futurespace not only designed a space that showcases our reputation as a world leading company, but reflects and supports our culture of being forward thinking and building long term client relationships.”