Elegant outdoor sculpture transforms into stylish BBQ


OFYR is state of the art alfresco cooking, making heads turn and hearts yearn.

Made in the Netherlands, the OFYR is a functional piece of artwork designed with the luxury consumer top of mind.

Alfresco has never been so elegant with OFYR working in harmony with any setting.  From the manicured lawns of Toorak, to the coastal shores of Portsea, OFYR is a sculpture designed to inspire, transforming into a welcoming hub for cooking and socializing.yogoaragOFYR’s three-part module design makes it easy to transport so it’s perfect for venues, clubs, catering or outdoor events.

The cone-shaped fire bowl features a wide, flat rim that doubles as a high-efficiency cooking surface.  Heat radiates from the centre in a perfectly fluent gradient, enabling cooking at different temperatures on a single hot plate.izriq_6wOFYR is social alfresco at its finest.   The host can attend to cooking facing guests.  The circular flat rim enables everyone to gather around, and even partake in the cooking if so desired.

Cleaning the cooking unit is simple, and requires virtually no maintenance.  Wipe the cooking plate with a damp cloth and OFYR is ready to fire up for the next occasion.

Crafted out of 100% steel, Carbon Steel (cooktop) and Corten Steel for the base, makes OFYR completely rust proof.goljddigWith the added convenience of  built-in wood storage, OFYR is available in 85cm and 100cm sizes.  An array of stylish barbecue and grill accessories complement the range.

OFYR is available at Real Flame, Australia wide. RRP:  From $2,699