Wake up to the future in a connected smart bedroom


With the #sleeptech market set to double in 2018, bedrooms get a smart makeover at CES as Sleepace launches its DreamLife smart bedroom solution.

Sleepace sleep modules can be integrated into mattresses, pillows to monitor one’s sleep data and control other devices to create a better environment for a healthy sleep and helps users to wake up feeling refreshed.

Sleepace has already partnered with the international brands such as Huawei, A.H. BEARD, askona, Advanced Sleep Technologies and Tuya across The United States, Australia, Russia and China.

Sleepace’s bedroom of the future will be demo’d between 9 and 12 January at Sands Expo, #43520 at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Sleep experts including Sleepace’s chief sleep officer, David Huang, will be on hand to offer free sleep consultations.

How DreamLife technology works:
DreamLife smart bedroom solution starts to work when a person lies down on a smart mattress or pillow, which recognize when a user falls asleep. Curtains are automatically closed, lights turn off as does the TV and other appliances.

When all is dark and quiet, the technology monitors the bedroom’s environment and the user’s sleep and adjusts the room temperature and humidity to provide the user with the most conducive environment for a deep slumber. The next morning, Sleepace smart sleep light is activated to gently encourage you to wake you up smartly.

When the time comes to wake up, DreamLife recognizes the lightest point of sleep, activates the alarm and lights, opens curtains and starts to brew coffee.

Once fully roused the user can review a sleep report and get tips through the Sleepace app about how to improve sleep quality.

CEO and chief sleep officer of Sleepace, David Huang, said: “The smart home technology revolution continues with specialist solutions like DreamLife adapted to mattresses and bedding. As the positive impact of good sleep becomes better understood, sleep monitoring will become mainstream.”

“We predict that the number of people who use sleep technology will double in 2018, with smart mattresses and pillows integrated with other smart home technology in 20% of households by 2025.”

The three components of DreamLife technology:
Sleepace’s DreamLife technology consists of three parts:

  1. The DreamLife Cloud

The brain of DreamLife and the data storage for all users, it is a secure, reliable and high-performance cloud computing system. It controls several DreamLife services, such as household appliances, intelligent analyses of sleep data.

  1. Sleep monitoring devices

The monitoring devices measure sleeping patterns such as breathing rate, heart rate, body movement. They can either connect to DreamLife as a separate consumer product such as the Sleepace’s series of sleep trackers like Sleep Dot and RestOn or be embedded into mattresses and pillows.

  1.  Executing devices

DreamLife Cloud sends pre-programmed instructions to smart home devices, such as Sleepace’s new Nox Series and smart plugs that can connect to household appliances like heaters, coffee machines and toasters, as well as smart lighting systems wired into the bedroom and smart entertainment centers. Other devices can be pre-programmed to provide users with a bedroom environment optimized for sleep and for when they wake up.

For example, a humidifier or heater powered through a smart plug, a smart alarm that wakes users up within half an hour of their original alarm, the TV connected through a smart plug and other household appliances such as the coffee machine or the toaster.

The technology and Sleepace app are compatible with any device with integrated IFTTT.

Sleepace was founded by David Huang in 2011. Huang is available for interview and will offer free sleep consultations on the Sleepace stand at CES.  He is a Master of Peking University and one of Dealerscope’s 40 under 40.

About Sleepace:
Sleepace is a leading expert in the sleep technology industry, designing research led products to improve sleep quality. Sleepace’s next generation smart products are designed to relax restless minds and improve sleep quality after a hard day at work.

Founded in 2011 and led by an accomplished team of IT and healthcare professionals, Sleepace is headquartered in Shenzhen China with a U.S. office in Los Angeles CA.

This smart sleep solution technology, analyses and monitors sleep patterns as well as simulating a natural environment when going to sleep.

For further information about Sleepace products, please visit www.sleepace.com