Small Bedroom Décor Tips for Bigger Space and Better Functionality


Your bedroom is supposed to be a cozy refuge from the world that offers maximum comfort. However, if your space is too small, it often feels more like a claustrophobic cave than an oasis of peace. Luckily, with the right décor tips, you can turn even your smallest bedrooms into functional and spacious havens. Here are a few tips for small bedroom decoration.

Words: Diana Smith

Add smart storage

add-smart-storageEvery bedroom needs ample storage, so your safest bet is to opt for something like built-in shelving. This will provide you with enough storage space for all of your things while allowing you to maintain floor space. You can also stick to shelves that are not deeper than 12 inches. Some built-in shelves also have bedside tables incorporated into the design, so you’ll have no need for any extra furniture. Finally, try to recess your bed in the middle of the shelf to stop it from hogging your entire floor space.

Another smart storage idea when it comes to your shelves is the height. Try to incorporate a piece that reaches all the way to your ceiling in order to make your room seem higher. Finish your look with some paint by splashing a contrasting color to the back wall to add some depth and layering to your space.

Boost your lighting

boost-your-lightingWhile it’s smart to leave your windows unbloked in any small space, sometimes you have no other choice but to place your bed right in front of the window. If that’s the case with your small bedroom, you can opt for a see-through headboard on a light metal frame that will allow you to get the most of your natural light. Additionally, save your precious nightstand space by skipping lamps and opting for something more convenient like pendants. Pendants hanging from your ceiling will not only save you space while providing you with practical task lighting but also serve as a nice focal point in your space. Just make sure to measure twice before you hit the store (you don’t want to get up from your bed to turn off your lights).

Repaint your space

repaint-your-spaceLight colors are always the right way to go. They will reflect the light and make your space seem brighter, roomier and airier. Stay away from dark, moody colors that will entomb your bedroom and choose something like white, light gray or lively blue.

Additionally, you can also paint your ceilings the same hue to erase the lines that visually limit your bedroom. For instance, a white ceiling combined with a dark wall and vice versa will instantly make your space look smaller (eyes are excellent in sensing the room’s size even without all of those defining lines). Opting for the same color walls and ceilings will make it harder to tell where the room starts and where it ends. However, repainting ceilings isn’t easy, especially if you don’t have the proper equipment, so you might want to check out quality painting services that will handle all your painting chores. This way, you’ll have a project well done and you don’t have to go shopping for ladders and rollers!

Choose the right window treatment

choose-the-right-window-treatmentIf you can, try to leave your windows uncovered. This will give your space an illusion of depth and bless you with natural views of the landscape. When privacy is needed, you can skip dark-inducing drapes and opt for something sheer and gauzy.

Employ mirrors

employ-mirrorsThis is an old designer trick, but it works perfectly. Small bedrooms will often benefit from replacing your closet doors with mirrors that reflect the light and create an illusion of double the space than you actually have. This wonderful effect works best with floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall mirrors.

Introduce the right furniture

introduce-the-right-furnitureThe fewer things you have in your space, the bigger it will look—that’s very clear to see. So, if you struggle with where to hide all of your possessions, try raising your bed and storing your things underneath. Beds with built-in storage are also an excellent solution, but there are also things like folding tables and chairs that can be stored when not in use. Also, a daybed is not only cute but creates a feeling that our space is a sitting area, instead of a small bedroom that’s been taken over by a bed.

If you have enough storage, don’t hesitate to go low with your furniture. If you keep things low to the ground, you’ll open up the space above and keep your ceilings higher and walls cleaner.

Stay away from the middle zone

stay-away-from-the-middle-zoneWhen it comes to decoration, it’s best to keep your middle zone clear by hanging art on the lower third of your wall to give your space the illusion of height. With shelves, however, you want to go all the way to your ceiling to draw the eye upward. Any hanging shelves are better hanged closer to the upper third of your wall. Both tricks will give your space a heightening effect and provide you with both functionality and aesthetic appeal!

Small bedrooms definitely don’t have to be dark, ugly and uncomfortable. These few design tricks will allow you to open up your tiny space, boost its appeal and improve the functionality of your bedroom, so make sure to keep them in mind during your next remodel!