Sprout into Spring with Colour!


Winter has come and gone, and the with the new season comes promise of new life, longer days, shorter nights with nature beckoning like a breath of fresh air.

Words: Kalli Zerveas
Warwick Fabrics Australia & Pinterest


As we emerge from our winter blues, we’re greeted by a crescendo of bird song, sun on our skin and flowers bursting back to life. Warwick Fabrics welcomes us with fresh, natural colour palettes to celebrate the bright and refreshing new season.

Soft clean tones of mineral blue, eucalyptus and rose, brings the yearly desire to roll up our sleeves and freshen up the home. Uttering the words ‘spring’ and ‘cleaning’ in the same sentence is enough to make some shudder, the urge to clean out and remake can have us feeling a little overwhelmed. Warwick Fabrics asserts the task doesn’t have to be daunting, revealing their top tips on staying in trend for the warmer, social months ahead.


The first step in a good spring cleanse is to attend and mend to all the home’s needs. It’s a great time to give your furniture and window treatments some care and attention as well as giving your upholstery and drapery a professional clean. Favourite items deserve to look and feel new, and there is no better time for an annual refresher than in Spring.


A splash of colour with an infusion of nature brings a new sense of energy and warmth to the home. The next step in embracing the new season is to let the outdoors in. Leaving doors open to the let the outside shine through makes all the difference to the liveliness of a space.


Colour is imperative to mood, and this season we swing towards a fresher, lighter evolution of the deep rich hues that warmed us throughout the winter months. Warwick Fabrics spring picks are reflections of nature, featuring coral, olive, seafoam, eucalyptus, tangerine, caramel, rosewater and apple green. Invigorated with mineral blues and dusty neutrals to embody the natural elements of the season.


Texture plays a growing role in creating an understated look to any room, whilst adding a splash of colour like apple green or seafoam creates ‘wow’ factor.

A fresh coat of paint is a low maintenance and inexpensive way to invigorate any room with texture or colour, Warwick Fabrics encourages incorporating colour through a feature wall. For the daring type who prefer patterned walls, Warwick Fabrics suggests selecting a favourite design and pairing it with natural materials such as wood, metal or stone,


When it comes to narrowing down a colour, choices seem almost endless. Get your ideas out of your head and allow them to take shape through a mood-board. Warwick Fabrics advises getting physical samples is ideal, when everything is together, sit with it for a while, place it in the room you’ve chosen to decorate and explore the colour at different times of the day, how it translates in the room as the light changes. Get a feel for what the room will look like from day to dusk.

As sunshine and nature entices, potted plants and greenery reinvigorate any interior space. Pantones pick for colour of the year for 2017 is a fresh, vibrant green – welcoming nature’s neutral. This can be done through vases of fresh blooms, potted plants and textiles. At Furnishing International, we advise to get creative with vases and pots, use interesting textures, colours and patterns to bring ever on-trend furnishings to the new season. Botanical prints and weaves on drapery, upholstery and accessories further enhances the blur between indoor and outdoor.


Depending on the aesthetic you desire, the Warwick Fabrics range has you covered.