Stylish Home Interior Redesign Ideas


Modern, 21st-century home design doesn’t only aim to satisfy the basic needs, but goes further to make homeowners feel ultimate comfort in a stylish home. Achieving such a design can be challenging if interior design is not your primary field of expertise, but there’s no room for despair. Here’s a little guide to modern home interior décor if you’re planning to redesign your home.

Words: Amelia Atkins

Reinvent your colour palette
The colour palette you choose will be the backdrop of your design project so it’s a perfect place to start. Modern design favours neutrals like off whites, gray or beige which are easily paired with warmer colours in furniture pieces and accessories. Then, you can spice things up with accents in bold and vibrant colours to add more interest and character to the space and break up the monotony.

The bottom line is that no matter how small and humble you go, the neutral palette gives you almost a blank canvas where you can play with colours and designs.

Add comfortable seating
The modern home design also prioritizes comfort with as little hassle and fuss as possible. Simplicity is the key so avoid heavily ornate furniture sets and bring in low, wide and comfy sofas and sectionals, and pair them with armchairs and ottomans. Go with natural materials and preferably neutral colours for larger pieces and bold colours for smaller ones, such as the side tables and lounge chairs.

Also, not everything has to match perfectly. Different pieces of furniture can complement each other well and create a stylish and eclectic décor.

Give your windows a stylish treatment
Outdated window treatments can make your windows look tired and neglected, so the idea is to dress them so they bring in a new and fresh element. Especially in places with a hot climate like Australia, the trend is to go for drapes lined with heavier fabric that has the capacity to block out heat and light.

Another great tip that adds a modern touch to a room is to install shutters or blinds. You can easily find great examples of stylish plantation shutters in Sydney on many windows around the city as they come in very handy in the summer heat. They block the relentless sun but still allow enough light to pass through. They’re also very cost-effective, easy to put up and require very little maintenance.1

Incorporate technology
Technology is an integral part of any modern home but not in the sense that every possible gadget is visible. It should be incorporated seamlessly into the existing design without disturbing the aesthetics.

This means installing streamlined flat screen TVs, built-in elements and hidden music and computer components. This creates clean, sleek lines and the outcome is a perfectly stylish and modern décor.

Create a focal point
One thing that instantly adds warmth, character and interest to a space is a well-chosen focal point. It’s up to you to choose which one and it can be anything from a fireplace, furniture piece, artwork or an entire wall with a stylish wallpaper or a picture gallery with your family photos. This element will give your space a unique vibe and a modern, luxurious appearance.

Designing a stylish home interior doesn’t have to be difficult at all. You should approach it as a unique opportunity to play around and create a space that is original, comfortable and reflective of your own taste.