The New Vintage: How to mix it up with Marchetti


There’s beauty and comfort in both traditional and contemporary furniture, and blending the two can result in a modern, eclectic space. Mixing the old and new adds personality and soul to a room and means you don’t have to compromise on your favourite pieces or styles.

Creating an eclectic space that merges contemporary and traditional is easy at DOMO with Marchetti’s antique-style hand-crafted furniture. Inspired by timeless Italian design, Marchetti furniture is a subtle and delicate balance of history and innovation and straddles the line between traditional and contemporary.

Marchetti’s latest collection is a timeless take on classic Italian furniture and is designed with such artistry that every piece sits effortlessly in a classical, modern or eclectic setting. Customised handles, forged iron details, intricate inlays and subtle timber and painted finishes are used in such a way they complement other styles of furniture and lighting while being beautifully striking in their own right.screenshot_6

Marchetti’s Chiara Console in single or double is a versatile piece, and the choice of colour – white or black – can change or adapt to the character of a room.

The Chiara Console in white is light and beachy and perfect for a casual living or dining room. Pair it with a comfortable armchair to suit a laidback lifestyle and add in a side table or stool for versatility and fun.

In black, the Chiara Console adds depth and sophistication for a more formal living space, library or study. A chair with an angular frame works well the console’s tapered legs, and a side table or stool can inject an element of playfulness and contrasting colour.

This piece is also available in double length, increasing the storage and display space. A bold armchair can be upholstered to continue the monochromatic theme, and knobs on the console can be customised to match the materials of a contemporary lamp.

Marchetti’s Calla Sideboard has a solid and traditional look that can become an accent piece in a room with modern and contemporary furniture. The sideboard has an antique appearance through the use of fake, sparse and deep wormholes, damaging effects, filings and cuts. All are purposefully made by hand and follow the vein of the wood underneath. It too can be paired with a bold armchair and side or stool for eclectic effect.screenshot_8

The Agata I Console is a beautiful piece of furniture for a study, home office or as a writing table. The choice of colour – black, brown or white – can instantly change the look from masculine to feminine, heavy to light. Pair it with dining chair with rounded, feminine forms and a mesh back that has visual lightness and transparency. The narrow depth of the console makes it perfect for apartments where there is a premium of space, and a good dining chair can comfortably double as a desk chair, also helping to save space.

Marchetti’s collection of timeless and modern Italian furniture is on display at DOMO’s seven showrooms across New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and viewable online at